Sport Achievements


Congratulations to our Year 5 & 6 Tennis Squad who won the Lewisham Tennis Championships and will now represent Lewisham at the London Youth Games.



Congratulations to our Tennis Team who won the Lewisham Yr 3 & 4 Tennis Championships and will now represent Lewisham at the London Youth Games.


Well done to our Cricket Team who were runners up in the 2018 Lewisham Cricket Championships.

Congratulations to our Year 4 Football Team – after they came third in the Lewisham Football Championships.  They played brilliantly during the tournament and only missed out on a place in the final after losing on penalties in the semi-final.


Well done to Myatt Garden Football Team who narrowly missed out on qualifying for the knock out stages of the Millwall FC Football Championships 2018.  Thanks to Sam for his coaching efforts and Orlaine for driving the bus.



CONGRATULATIONS…. To our Tag-rugby team.  The new Lewisham Tag Rugby Champions!

They’ll now represent the borough at the London Youth Games in March.

Congratulations to our Yr 5 & 6 athletes who won SILVER medals in Lewisham SHA Championships

Sports Week

There were many activities in Sports Week, including Parkour (YR 1, YR 4 and YR 6), Athletics (most Year groups), Target Ball (YR 2), Herne Hill Velodrome (YR 5), and Sports Day (YR 3 – YR 6). It was a very exciting and energising week.

Year 5 Velodrome trip

We went on a bus to the Velodrome, hoping to have lots of fun. Expectations were a mixture of happy/excited and slightly anxious, with some wishing to improve their biking ability. Other sought improvements included lesser brake usage, mountain biking, and overall performance.

When track cycling began, it was a very slow start, with fast cyclists getting ‘Lap of Shame’. Not an actual lap but a (somewhat entertaining) standstill. Excited screams and/or exclamations could be heard. An interviewed cyclist reported almost crashing, but avoided a catastrophe by listening to instructions. A few mountain bikers could be seen at the top of the hill for a short moment. The mountain bikers enjoyed playing the game Manhunt.

A few cyclists had a good time sharpening their skills and knowledge of the bike, including changing gears, pedalling correctly, keeping focused, and traffic light situations. I, being unable to take part, was able to help by assisting the coach in training exercises.

I was lucky enough to get an interview (and autograph) from Boru, the inside segment training coach. His father was a cyclist, so when Boru was 10, he took him down to Herne Hill Velodrome. He enjoyed it and has been cycling ever since. When he was 16 he became a Young Volunteers coach at the Velodrome. He is now 18 and a full coach. Boru was very popular with his students.

Almost everyone had a really great time and were  impressed with how it turned out, and I said that I would go to ride when I got the chance. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it was a day to remember.

Written by Benjamin, Year 5

Sports Day

On 30th June 2017, the (not very long) anticipated event known as Sports Day happened. Everyone  (except me of course) from YR 3 to YR 6 enjoyed events such as endurance run, cricket, hockey, football, basketball, hurdle run, tennis ball balance, rugby, and others!  Though earning points was one exciting challenge, avoiding having them deducted was another that no-one looked forward to. Points could be earned by scoring goals, keeping balanced, and running laps. Children were encouraged to do their best while also meeting the expectations of their teammates. Lots of points were scored and lots of fun was had!

Written by Benjamin, Year 5


Congratulations to our Tennis team who won the Lewisham Yr 5 & 6 Tennis Championships and will now represent Lewisham at the London Youth Games.


Well done to one of our pupil who won the DGA Chalk Bowl Challenge Gymnastics Gold 2016.


Our fantastic Swimming team performed brilliantly at the recent Lewisham Championships and came 10th Overall.

Several of our team made the finals and we won a silver medal in the Butterfly and bronze in the Breaststroke.  Well done everyone.


Well done to our Cricket team who came 4th in the recent Lewisham Cricket Championships.   Special thanks to Sam for coaching and Orlaine for driving the team to and from the venue.


Our Year 5 Football team played well and narrowly missed out on qualifying for the quarter finals in the recent Dulwich College Cup.


Well done to all of the children who narrowly missed out on qualifying for the knock out stages of the Millwall FC Football Championships 2017.


Our Year 3&4 team beat six other schools to win the Lewisham title and our Year 5&6 team came 4th in a massive competition involving 15 schools and over 300 children.

Well done to them all!



Well done…. To our Tag-rugby team.

They narrowly missed out on a place in the semi-finals of the Lewisham Tag-rugby championships.


Myatt Garden  2 – 1  All Saints

Myatt Garden  4 – 0  Beecroft

Myatt Garden  5 – 0  St Stephens

Myatt Garden  0 –  2  Brindishe Green