Your child’s journey through Myatt Garden’s Nursery

The Vet
As part of our topic on growing we found out about how animals grow. Vet James and veterinary nurse Emily visited us with Gus the dog. We found out about how to keep safe around dogs by asking if a dog is safe to touch and always washing our hands. We found out about how to know if animals are unwell and how vets look after them. They bandaged Gus’ leg and even bandaged children’s arms. At the end we all got to watch Gus do some clever tricks and really loved stroking him.

As part of our topic on Growing we have been finding out about how we have changed since we were babies. Eliza’s mum bought Eliza’s baby sister Pearl in to help us find out about how babies are very different from the big boys and girls at nursery.

From a visit from the Bug Man to lots of fun at our Garden party, we have been very busy in the Nursery! We also said goodbye to Lillian with a fabulous picnic send off!

Counting walk
We went on a walk to the local park. The children were challenged to collect 10 different items from the park. They tried to find as many different colours, textures, smells and materials as possible. Look how beautiful the results were!

Bookstart Bear
During World Book Week the Bookstart Bear visited nursery. We all loved cuddling him and it was even better that he bought every child in nursery and reception a beautiful new book of their own.

Visit to the Chemist
As part of our work on the nursery rhyme Miss Polly had a Dolly we visited the local chemist. We found out that when the doctor wrote on his pad for a pill Miss Polly could collect the dolly’s medicine from the chemist. We found out all about the different jobs and what happens in a chemist. We have made our own chemist at nursery and are enjoying exploring our new learning through role play. We have also been learning about keeping safe with medicine. Only adults should ever touch real medicine and never children. Medicine can be dangerous.

Visit from the librarian
We had a visit from one of the Lewisham librarians. Andrew read us stories and sung songs with the piano and guitar. He also told us all about the exciting things that are going on at Lewisham libraries and encouraged all the children to join. Have you got a library card yet? Free to join, no late charges for children. You can borrow DVDs and CDs as well as books. There are also lots of groups to attend and challenges to take part in.

Christmas in Nursery

Core book Launch

A group of our very creative EYFS parents have made props to support our ‘core books’ last month. To celebrate this, we organised a launch event with them to showcase and share all the wonderful things that have been made. You can see the results below.

In Nursery, we have been learning about and celebrating  the Hindu Festival of Light, Dawali.

In Nursery, the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. There are six curriculum areas, which overlap.  A single activity will often meet learning intentions from many of the six curriculum areas. Each day,  both classrooms and the outside area are set up to allow learning in each of the six curriculum areas.

All learning intentions in Nursery can be met through play!

Practical Information

Morning session is 9 am – 11.30 am

Lunchtime 11-30-1230


Afternoon session is 12.45 pm – 3.15 pm

 At the start of the session children arrive in their own classroom and self register. They are then free to engage in play based activities across both nursery classes for the first half an hour. The garden is then opened (no matter the season or the weather!) and children can move between indoors/outdoors and both nursery classes as they choose.  We have six nursery staff, at any one time one member of staff will be leading an activity in each classroom and another will be leading an outdoor activity.  The remaining adults will be supporting children to get the most out of self chosen activities that have been carefully planned around children’s developmental needs and interests. Half an hour before the end of nursery, staff use a tambourine to signal tidy up time. Children return to their own classes for tidy up time, which is followed by more structured class and group activities including story times, simple maths and a weekly music session with a pianist.