Your child’s journey through Myatt Garden’s Nursery



Local Trip

Some children from nursery went on a counting walk to Luxmore Gardens. We explored to park to find 10 different things (looking at shape, colour, size, etc.) and counted them out onto some sticky paper to make a beautiful counting picture! Thank you to all the kind parents and carers who made this possible by volunteering some time.


Easter Festival

Nursery enjoyed celebrating the Christian festival of Easter. We found out about all the important things Christian families do during the Easter period and a nursery parent came and talked to us about what will be happening in their family.  At nursery all the children made a chocolate Easter nest and joined in with an Easter egg hunt in the nursery garden.


Nursery Newsletter Summer 2018





Visit to Nursery

Children in nursery have been very interested in babies (pretending to be babies as well as pretending to look after them). We were very lucky to have a visit from a baby sister to help us learn. She showed us how she played and did baby dancing every time we sung her a song. There were some things she can do already like we can, like eating and playing with toys but there are lots of things we can do that she can’t like talking, walking, riding bikes and staying awake all day.


Getting Muddy

It may look like we are just getting muddy but we are developing our maths, communication skills, dexterity, social ability, confidence, imagination and our understanding of the world around us…learning is fun!

Snow Day Fun

Nursery News Spring2 18

Chinese New Year

The children had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year.

Take One Picture Week

For Take One Picture week we are looking at the painting ‘An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump’ by Joseph Wright.   Nursery have acted out a scene from the painting by dressing up and using some props….

New Year

Nursery has been so busy as we start the new year with lots of new children joining Nursery.       All of the children have been really busy and involved with their child initiated learning.     We have been making new friends, exploring changing colours through paint, caring for our guinea pigs, practising our rock star moves, making lots and lots of models and using Persevering Parrot and Go for it Grasshopper from our learning zoo to learn how to walk on stilts!




Nursery Spring Newsletter spring 2018




Hanukah is being celebrated by one of the children in nursery. His parents came in to explain what they have been doing in their family and invited us to celebrate with them by lighting the first candle of the Menorah together. Happy Hanukah everyone!



Nursery Autumn 2 Term Plan


Nursery had a great time celebrating the Hindu and Sikh Festival of Lights. Learning about Rama rescuing Sita when she was kidnapped by Ravana the 10 headed demon, making divas and rangoli patterns, Indian dancing, making a delicious Diwali feast of daal and enjoying how beautiful nursery looked in the dark with all the divas lit! Wishing all our families a peaceful and prosperous year ahead.


Rosh Hashanah

Nursery enjoyed celebrating Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) by preparing a special feast! We wished for a sweet new year by dipping apples in honey and added some delicious vegetables that we grew in our nursery allotment to make the day extra special.  Shana Tova Everyone!



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