Your child’s journey through Myatt Garden’s Nursery



Nursery children have been busy collecting snails in the rainy weather, they then counted the sails using the 10 frame.


Garden Party

Thank you to all those who attended our Garden Party, we all had such fun.



Nursery Newsletter - Summer 2019






Nursery Term Plan - Spring 2 2019



Pancake Day

Nursery children had lots of fun on Pancake Day.


Nursery Term Plan - Spring 2 2019


We CHOOSE it, we USE it, we PUT IT AWAY!

When you have a really good idea sometimes you need a lot of things.  At nursery we can help ourselves to anything we need from the drawers, shelves or boxes but we need to remember to put it back when we have finished.  It takes a lot of practice but we say “We CHOOSE it, we USE it, we PUT IT AWAY!” to help us remember and even to remind our friends.



Nursery Newsletter - Spring 2019



Nursery Trip to St Peter’s Church

As part of our celebrations of Christmas nursery visited St Peter’s church to find out why Christmas is special for Christians. We met the vicar and his wife (who also happen to be nursery parents!) and found out about the first Christmas. The church looked beautiful and we had a magical moment when we all held our own Christingle orange with a real candle and sung Away in a Manger. What a special way to celebrate!


Hanukkah Celebrations

Nursery enjoyed finding out about how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah and we lit the candles on our Menorah every day.  Some children are celebrating Hanukkah with their families and one parent came in to tell us why they are celebrating and what they do. We loved finding out about what the bad guys did to the temple and how amazing it was that the oil in the lamp lasted so long.  Lighting the Menorah and eating donuts made the celebration extra special!



Happy Diwali! Nursery have been celebrating by making and lighting Divas, preparing and eating a Diwali feast, making Rangoli patterns and exploring the meaning of Diwali through hands on artefacts and the Rama and Sita story.


Some children were celebrating with their families too, huge thanks to Tharwin’s family for cooking and sharing food for our Diwali feast!



Nursery children choose to learn in so many different ways!


Nursery News Term Plan - Autumn 2 2018

Tomato growing and pizza making!

Nursery planted tomatoes and looked after the plants until the tomatoes were ready to pick. We picked them and used them to cook delicious pizzas.


Nursery Term Plan - Autumn 2018