Your child’s journey through Myatt Garden’s Nursery




Shopping Trip

Nursery made a shopping list and went to Tesco to buy some cooking ingredients.

Junk Modelling

Children in nursery have been using all sorts of items and materials to make models.


Christmas in Nursery

Children in Need

Nursery raised £37 getting spotting for Children in Need.


Nursery children had fun celebrating Diwali


During Diwali celebrations we made roti, rangoli patterns and divas.



Picnic Fun

Nursery families enjoyed a sunny picnic, celebrating those children who are moving up to reception and welcoming all the new children.

Chicks: Update

The chicks grew so quickly that by the time they were less than a month old they needed more space than we had at nursery and we thought they must be excited to meet their families. We said goodbye and sent them back to Christmas Tree Farm. They travelled in a pet carrier and will live for one week in a hutch, then they will live in a pen with their cousins.


When they are fully grown they can run all around the farm and probably peck the crumbs from visitors picnics. Visitors to Christmas Tree Farm can also buy a bucket of food to feed the animals. If you would like to visit the chicks (and the goats, rabbits, sheep, pigs and cows!) here is the link to where they now live:  The chicks won’t end up on a plate, they will live at the farm for their whole life to help children learn about animals and how wonderful they are.

Chicks: Incubation

Nursery found it so interesting and exciting to incubate eggs and watch the chicks hatch out of their eggs, we thought it looked like really hard work! We took good care of the chicks giving them lots of food and fresh water, keeping them warm and giving them lots of cuddles. We couldn’t believe how quickly they grew.


We had a visit from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

We went on a nature walk and enjoyed looking, touching and learning all about the local wildlife.


Nursery children have been busy collecting snails in the rainy weather, they then counted the sails using the 10 frame.


 Garden Party

Thank you to all those who attended our Garden Party, we all had such fun.



Nursery Newsletter - Summer 2019



Nursery Term Plan - Spring 2 2019