Your child’s journey through Myatt Garden’s Nursery

Stay and Play

Parents and children alike enjoyed a lovely Stay and Play session in nursery this week. Miss Fenton organised a session so that parents could find out about our Learning Zoo.  It was good to hear how useful parents found it and how they are going to be supporting their children to develop characteristics of effective learning at home.  Some parents also commented that they think they need to push themselves as adults a bit more in this area too!


Pancake Day

Nursery enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day.  We watched Miss Fenton trying to flip the pancakes….  then we had to choose which toppings we would like for our pancake.   They were all yummy.    We could have lemon and sugar, jam or golden syrup.   But some children just wanted to suck on the lemons!!

Take One Picture Week

Well done to all our nursery children who exhibited in this year’s Take One Picture exhibition! We were so proud of them and loved taking them to see their work. We couldn’t have got them there without all the help from parents and carers…thank you!


Nursery Term Plan  Spring 2

New Approach

Nursery children are enjoying our more child centred approach…look how engaged these children are with their learning!

Happy Diwali!

We have enjoyed finding out about how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali the Festival of Light. We learnt lots about the story of Rama and Sita to understand why Diwali is celebrated. Each child made their own diva like in the story and we enjoyed lots of fun activities including lots of cooking!

Stay and Play

A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our stay and play. The children loved showing you all around and we do hope you enjoyed finding out about everything they do at nursery.


Teddy Bears’ Picnic

What a fantastic climax to our topic about bears.  We had our teddy bears’ picnic and everyone invited their own teddy (or other soft toy) to nursery for the day. The children planned and prepared a wonderful picnic for all their toys which they really enjoyed.

Nursery News Autumn2 2016

New Starters

Well done to all the new starters in nursery this term! They have settled in brilliantly and are enjoying each day even more than the day before. Especially our two furriest members of nursery, our baby guinea pigs Badger and Teapot (named by the children!)

Celebrating Eid in Nursery

We cooked some delicious pilau rice, it was yummy!

We decorated our hands with mehndi patterns.

We made potato and onion pakoras with potatoes from our own vegetable garden.