Your child’s journey through Myatt Garden’s Nursery

Nursery Allotment

Nursery allotment is looking fabulous this year! During the winter we were able to use fundraising money to give the area a complete overhaul with thanks to design ideas from Scarlett’s mum Mo and Olive’s mum Jemima and lots of hard work from Ms Joanna’s husband Lukaz. We’ve loved planting the seeds and helping them grow, making sure to give them lots of water and not pick them until they are ready. We enjoyed some delicious rhubarb crumble last week and the strawberries are the sweetest we’ve ever tasted!



Nursery have watched our caterpillars grow bigger and bigger just like in the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (luckily they didn’t eat any sausages or cupcakes though!) They made cocoons and we waited patiently until they emerged as beautiful butterflies! It was very emotional when we set them free into our garden.


Visit to Dymchurch

EYFS had a marvellous day at Dymchurch seaside?  Despite the forecast the weather was perfect and it was wonderful for all the EYFS families to come together for such a lovely day of paddling, sandcastling, picnicking and of course sleeping all the way home on the coach!  We couldn’t have done it without the parental support …. thank you!


Crystal Palace Park

On our recent trip to Crystal Palace Park do you think nursery let all day heavy rain and a couple of puddles spoil our fun?

Summer Fair

Thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Fair.  The weather was great and everyone had a fun time.



Nursery have been learning about the life cycle of a duck. We got some eggs that the ducks at Crystal Palace park farm had laid. We incubated the eggs and hatched our 4 beautiful ducklings that we named Bumble, Fluffy, Custard and Pom Pom. We had great fun looking after them and watching them grow. When they were big the whole of nursery went by train to Crystal Palace to take the ducks back to their families. One day they will lay eggs of their own! Please pop in to visit them at the farm next time you are near Crystal Palace.


Thank You!

A huge thank you to all the parents who get so involved in their children’s learning, whether it’s staying and reading, joining in with the play, looking after the guinea pigs in the holiday, incubating duck eggs, cooking with the children or just sharing all the exciting learning children have been doing outside nursery. You are amazing and we couldn’t do it without you!


Nursery had some really exciting hands on experience with millipedes, tortoises, giant stick insects, tarantulas, snakes, lizards and many more! Children were so much braver than they thought they’d be (and braver than some of the staff!) and every child handled the animals. We’re lucky to be able to have so many exciting real life experiences to help bring learning alive in Nursery.


Book Week

For Book Week, nursery children enjoyed some activities based around the stories ‘Fox’s Garden’ and ‘The Red Book’.  The children brought their favourite stories into nursery for Show and Tell and lot’s of Parents came in to read the stories with us.


Nursery News Spring1 2016


Mud Kitchen

Any one for leaf soup or mud porridge? Come and see what’s cooking in the nursery Mud Kitchen!


Rangoli patterns

We had so much fun celebrating Diwali, we loved rolling up our carpet and making huge Rangoli patterns all over the floor.

Carrot the New Guinea Pig

We all love our beautiful new guinea pig Carrot (named by the children!) Thank you Lucas and family for donating him.

Autumn Sculptures

We have been improving our fine motor skills and finding out about Autumn by making some beautiful sculptures for our secret garden.

Nursery have been dancing with ribbons.

We have been practising movements that will help us with letter formation

Nursery love to learn outside ……….no matter the weather!

Nursery have been reading Each Peach Pear Plum and making plum pie this week!