Your child’s journey through Year 1


Year One had lots of fun on their trip to the Horniman Museum, finding out all about animals and their habitats and visiting the aquarium.


We had an exciting visit from the Mini Beast Man, who introduced us to some interesting insects, lizards and even a tarantula!


We’ve enjoyed searching for mini beasts in the playground, and watching our caterpillars change into butterflies!



Year 1 Term Plan - Summer Term 2019



Year 1 - Spring Term 2 Plan 2019 - Revised



The Snail and the Whale

We have started this terms topic of World of Books by joining a tiny snail and a humpback whale on a journey around the world.  We were joined by the Discover Story Centre who helped us imagine, create and write our own stories.

We looked at the different locations of the story making small worlds of each location and are deciding where we would like to live for ourselves.  Then we watched a fiery mountain erupt!


Year 1 have been using the story of The Snail and the Whale to inspire their increasing understanding of the world. We’ve looked at physical and human features of different places, compared locations and created our own maps with keys.



Year 1 - Spring Term Plan 2019


What will I become?

So far in Year 1 we have been historians, geographers, scientists, poets, mathematicians, authors and artists.  What will we become and learn next?



The Ragged School

Our trip to The Ragged School was also a fun packed day.  We got to listen to and take part in Polly’s story, learning all about what it was like to be in a Victorian family and have our very own lesson in a real Victorian classroom!

Victorian Times

We were all very busy on our Victorian Wash Day, using the wash boards and dollies to clean the clothes, polishing the shoes and practising writing on Chalk boards, just like they did in Victorian Times.

Visit from Dora

In Year 1 we had lots of fun making maps of the playground and then sharing them with Dora the Explorer when she came to visit.


Year 1 - Autumn Term 2 1018 - Updated



Year 1 - Autumn Term 2018