Your child’s journey through Year 1



The Snail and the Whale

We have started this terms topic of World of Books by joining a tiny snail and a humpback whale on a journey around the world.  We were joined by the Discover Story Centre who helped us imagine, create and write our own stories.

We looked at the different locations of the story making small worlds of each location and are deciding where we would like to live for ourselves.  Then we watched a fiery mountain erupt!


Year 1 have been using the story of The Snail and the Whale to inspire their increasing understanding of the world. We’ve looked at physical and human features of different places, compared locations and created our own maps with keys.



Year 1 - Spring Term Plan 2019


What will I become?

So far in Year 1 we have been historians, geographers, scientists, poets, mathematicians, authors and artists.  What will we become and learn next?



The Ragged School

Our trip to The Ragged School was also a fun packed day.  We got to listen to and take part in Polly’s story, learning all about what it was like to be in a Victorian family and have our very own lesson in a real Victorian classroom!

Victorian Times

We were all very busy on our Victorian Wash Day, using the wash boards and dollies to clean the clothes, polishing the shoes and practising writing on Chalk boards, just like they did in Victorian Times.

Visit from Dora

In Year 1 we had lots of fun making maps of the playground and then sharing them with Dora the Explorer when she came to visit.


Year 1 - Autumn Term 2 1018 - Updated



A  Fresh Start

We have had an exciting time settling in to Year one!


In Literacy, we have been practising our writing, using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.



In Maths, we have been having a go at making our own number lines.


In Science, we have been learning about the names of different parts of the body, drawing around each other and making our own label.



Year 1 - Autumn Term 2018




In science we have been looking closely at plants, we dissected roses to look more closely at all the different parts. We are learning to name the flower, petal, stem, leaves and roots. We then recorded what we saw by drawing the roses and leaves.

Sports Day

We LOVE sports!  Year 1 became a little bit competitive on Friday at Sports Day, we mostly enjoyed getting the grown ups involved and then beating them!   Well done to all our competitors for lots of fun in the sun.


Torry Hill Farm

Year 1 loved their trip to Torry Hill Farm, this is a working farm with cattle and fruit.  We got to run in a wild flower meadow, watch a sheep get shaun, look in a beehive, walk in a field of cows and finally pick cherries!  It was a wonderful day and we learnt a lot from Farmer John.



Mini Beast Hotel Update

Have you been down to Luxmore Gardens to check out the Bug Hotel?  We hope that mini beasts are enjoying their new hotel as much as we enjoyed making it.  We hope to visit the part in the coming weeks to see the bug hotel again and to learn more about the plants and trees there.


Year 1 Summer Term 2 Plan


How Does Your Garden Grow

So far this half term our How Does Your Garden Grow topic has helped us write non-fiction books about mini-beasts, produce detailed drawings of mini-beasts and go on a mini-beast hunt in the playground. We have studied the animals we found watching them closely. We have also made our very own mini-beasts, made pop up pictures and written poems. What a busy six weeks!

RE Day

On the last Friday of this half term we spent RE day looking at the natural world.  We looked closely at a variety of natural things and talked about where they came from, what they were and how they were made.  We talked about the wonderful variety of the natural world.  We also listened to the creation story from the Bible and talked about how this is important for people from the Jewish and Christian faith, we then talked about The Big Bang and evolution.  Every RE day we spend time talking about respecting the beliefs of others and how important this is.

Mini Beast Hotel

We were very lucky to have two mums from the school come into class to help us make rooms for the Mini-Beast Hotel in Luxmore Gardens.  We talked about what the mini beasts would like for a hotel and why it is important that we make special places for the mini beasts to live.  We used lots of different natural materials to make the mini beast hotel rooms.  You can see the finished hotel for yourselves in the Luxmore Gardens.



We had a great lesson learning all about timing!  We used the stop watches and had to time our partner doing three races across the playground.  It was great fun as we love to race!



We had a great time planting seeds in the allotment with Olive’s mum.  We can’t wait to see how they grow.  We also love making mud pies!

Mini-Beast Workshop

We loved taking part in a mini-beast workshop as part of our learning in science! We met lots of exotic and unusual creatures from around the world.




We enjoyed watching the butterflies life cycle.  The caterpillars got very fat, turned into a chrysalis and then hatched into beautiful butterflies.  We watched them for a few days making sure to feed them fruit.  Then we painted pictures of our butterflies.  We released the butterflies into the playground and hope they will be back to visit us soon.





The children were also lucky enough to be introduced to a range of animals and learn about their unique adaptations.  The children loved meeting the Dolly Lizard, having their toes tickled by the Corn Snake, stroking the legs of a Tarantula and getting very close to the African Land Snail

Discover Story Centre

We had a wonderful trip to the Discover Story Centre.  We had a workshop with a story leader who helped us imagine far off lands and pretend to be fantastic characters.  Then we jumped into a world of books!  Meeting our favourite characters from Julia Donaldson including the Gruffalo, the tiny Snail and the Whale!

Mini Beast Hunt

We went on a mini beast hunt! We had to use our senses to help us spot them. We found wood lice, snails, slugs, caterpillars and centipedes. We drew close observational drawings of the creepy crawlies and labelled them afterwards.



We love learning about music with Sertac!  We have been exploring how we can use different rhythms and varying dynamics to convey different ideas.  We thought about how to make music for elephants, snakes, cheetahs and other animals.


How Does Your Garden Grow – WOW day

We made 3D models of mini beasts on our WOW day to help us learn about their different body structures.  It was quite tricky but we all had a growth mindset and were persevering parrots – and in the end we were so proud of our work.



Year 1 Summer Term Plan-2