Your child’s journey through Year 1



We had a great lesson learning all about timing!  We used the stop watches and had to time our partner doing three races across the playground.  It was great fun as we love to race!



We had a great time planting seeds in the allotment with Olive’s mum.  We can’t wait to see how they grow.  We also love making mud pies!

Mini-Beast Workshop

We loved taking part in a mini-beast workshop as part of our learning in science! We met lots of exotic and unusual creatures from around the world.


The children were also lucky enough to be introduced to a range of animals and learn about their unique adaptations.  The children loved meeting the Dolly Lizard, having their toes tickled by the Corn Snake, stroking the legs of a Tarantula and getting very close to the African Land Snail

Discover Story Centre

We had a wonderful trip to the Discover Story Centre.  We had a workshop with a story leader who helped us imagine far off lands and pretend to be fantastic characters.  Then we jumped into a world of books!  Meeting our favourite characters from Julia Donaldson including the Gruffalo, the tiny Snail and the Whale!

Mini Beast Hunt

We went on a mini beast hunt! We had to use our senses to help us spot them. We found wood lice, snails, slugs, caterpillars and centipedes. We drew close observational drawings of the creepy crawlies and labelled them afterwards.



We love learning about music with Sertac!  We have been exploring how we can use different rhythms and varying dynamics to convey different ideas.  We thought about how to make music for elephants, snakes, cheetahs and other animals.


How Does Your Garden Grow – WOW day

We made 3D models of mini beasts on our WOW day to help us learn about their different body structures.  It was quite tricky but we all had a growth mindset and were persevering parrots – and in the end we were so proud of our work.



Year 1 Summer Term Plan-2


In Maths, we practised our measuring skills by carefully measuring how long a humpback whale is.  We were amazed by how big they are!


We had an amazing WOW day exploring our new story The Snail and the Whale.  We made models and maps of all the places the snail and the whale visited.  We also made a real volcano in the classroom!  It was fun!

One of our parents came in and read the story in German to us too.  It was really interesting.


The Snail and the Whale

We had fun learning and re-telling the story ‘The Snail and the Whale.’ This is the bit when the snail has an itchy foot!



Year 1 Spring Term 2 Plan

Take One Picture Week

As part of Take One Picture Week, Year 1 got hands on and creative making papier mache planets.

Horniman Museum

We had a fantastic trip to the Horniman Museum to find out more about animals and their habitats.

Drum Workshop

We took part in a drum workshop with a professional drummer and formed our own samba band!


RE Day – Islam

This RE day we looked at Islam for the first time.  We learnt about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and why he was important. We explored why the Qur’an was an important book for Muslims. And we heard some stories from the Islamic faith. We enjoyed exploring the artifacts and objects, especially wearing traditional dress.





Year 1 Spring Term Plan



On Friday we kicked off our World of Books topic with a Wow Day all about Rockets and Man on the Moon, A Day in the Life of Bob.  We imagined our own space adventure before building rockets out of boxes and paper.  It was a challenge to build a paper rocket, but we worked hard and were very pleased with our results.  We finished the day by sending our rockets up into space.

Dora the Explorer

We’ve been learning about maps by making giant maps of the playground for Dora the Explorer!


Senses in Science

We’ve been exploring our senses in science.  We took part in an experiment to see if we could still taste the flavour of crisps when we were blindfolded and when we could not smell!


RE Day

This RE day we talked about belonging to different types of families, both our own at home and as part of wider church families.  We looked at artifacts and listened to stories from Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

Victorian Wash Day

We found out that life was hard for Victorian children (but we also had lots of fun!).

We love Maths!

Every day we do fun, practical maths activities in Year 1.

Year 1 Autumn 2 Term Plan




Year 1 Autumn Term Plan