Your child’s journey through Year 1


Year 1 Autumn Term Plan



We love our Art Days with Karen.  We made our own sketch books and experimented with blending pastels to make new colours.  We made spiral patterns to test out our new hues.


Year1 Summer Term 2

Minibeast Workshop

Our Minibeast Workshop was amazing!  We handled a grass snake, a stink lizard and even stroked a tarantula’s bottom!



World of Books

A lot can happen in one day!  To get our new story, The Snail and the Whale off to a flying start, we created lots of different worlds. We made a volcano erupt, a couple of real crabs came to visit and there were snails galore.


Horniman Musuem

We had an action-packed day at the Horniman Museum. We learned about animal habitats, found snails and whales in the Natural History Gallery and loved exploring the Aquarium.










Take One Picture Week

In Year 1, we were inspired by the mermaids in the background of Penelope and her Suitors.  We investigated real fish before creating our own shell crowns, fish scales and experimenting with colour mixing.

World of Books

We blasted off into space for our World of Books topic. We enjoyed  the much-loved book, Bob the Man on the Moon, and went on a trip to the Observatory in Greenwich. There we found out about why we have the seasons and loved learning about the planets in our solar system in the planetarium.



Trip to the Victorian Ragged School Museum

The teacher was strict at the Victorian Ragged School.  We had to sit up straight and put our hands under the desk and we were not allowed to talk.


Year 1 Autumn 2 Term Plan


Design & Technology: Plan and make fruit salad

We tasted different fruits and decided that our fruit salads would have one crunchy fruit, one soft fruit and at least two different colours.

It was brilliant fun making them.   We made sure we met our agreed design criteria, but each group’s fruit salad was different.  They looked gorgeous and tasted fantastic!

Dora the Explorer visits Year 1

We made a map to show Dora the Explorer all of the important parts of our playground.  The children were very excited to meet Dora and show her around!

Handa’s Surprise

We love the story of Handa’s Surprise and we really enjoyed bringing the story to life by acting it out in masks and costumes.

Learning about our bodies in Science

It was fun making life-size portraits of ourselves and labelling them.  We were confident about where elbows and knees are, but where exactly is your collar bone or calf?  We even stuck post-it notes on our teacher and labelled her body.  William enjoyed it so much that he wanted to have a go at being labelled too.

We put our growth mindset skills to the test when we worked as a team to finish this enormous jigsaw.  It was a challenge, but we didn’t give up.  We were so pleased with ourselves when it was finished.

Science Sensory Investigation

We couldn’t stop smiling when we tested our sense of smell.  What would happen if we were blindfolded and could only smell different foods?  Could you tell (and smell) the difference between chocolate and cheese?


Year 1 Term Plan