Your child’s journey through Year 1

Dora the Explorer

We’ve been learning about maps by making giant maps of the playground for Dora the Explorer!


Senses in Science

We’ve been exploring our senses in science.  We took part in an experiment to see if we could still taste the flavour of crisps when we were blindfolded and when we could not smell!


RE Day

This RE day we talked about belonging to different types of families, both our own at home and as part of wider church families.  We looked at artifacts and listened to stories from Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

Victorian Wash Day

We found out that life was hard for Victorian children (but we also had lots of fun!).

We love Maths!

Every day we do fun, practical maths activities in Year 1.

Year 1 Autumn 2 Term Plan


Year 1 Autumn Term Plan