Your child’s journey through Year 2

Year 2 Spring 2 Term Plan


We had so much fun making dinosaur fossil biscuits.  They tasted delicious too.  We were brilliant at working as team-working tigers!


We had to make very complicated potions to hatch our dragons. Luckily, they worked and all our dragons are now safely hatched.

Sock Dragons

We had so much fun designing and sewing our own sock dragons.  Even though it was really hard, everyone had an amazing growth mindset.

Dragon Eggs

Strange things have been happening in Year 2.  Mysteriously we had a delivery of dragon eggs.  Now everyone has their very own dragon to look after.



Year 2 Spring Term Plan





Year 2 Autumn 2 Term Plan


Tudor Houses

We had so much fun making houses from 1666.


Year 2 Autumn Term Plan 2017