Your child’s journey through Year 2


Great Fire of London

We are learning about diary writing in Literacy and using all our Great Fire of London knowledge to write our own diaries and recording our imagined experiences in 1666.  In History, as well as researching lots of interesting facts, we’ve been finding out first-hand what it would’ve been like to write with a quill and ink – just like Samuel Pepys did.  It was much harder than we thought it would be!


Representing numbers in different ways

We used practical maths materials to explore place value and represent numbers in different ways.  There were lots of fantastic discussions going on and people had really interesting ideas of how to represent their chosen number.  We have set a similar task for homework this week.  Can you have a go at the challenge as a family using everyday materials at home?  We would love to see photos!



Pudding Lane

Year 2 travelled back in time to 1666 to work as apprentice bakers in the King’s bakery in Pudding Lane. We had to read the recipe for the King’s Best Buns very carefully and follow all of the instructions to make delicious buns. We all enjoyed tasting the buns when they came out of the oven, parents too! I hope someone remembered to put the oven out… ​




Year 2 - Autumn Term Plan






Year 2 - Summer Term 2 Plan

Horniman Trip

Year 2 had an exciting day visiting the Horniman to learn more about the continent of Africa.  We learned about and played instruments from all around Africa.  We tried on traditional clothes from different African countries too.


Trip to Nairobi

We had an exciting day flying to Nairobi in Kenya.  We bought delicious African fruit at the market.  It cost 100 shillings!  We tried on traditional African clothes.  We even made our own African pattern inspired bracelets.  We’ll be putting up more photos of our visit outside our classroom.



Year 2 Summer Term Plan 2018





Year 2 Spring 2 Term Plan


We had so much fun making dinosaur fossil biscuits.  They tasted delicious too.  We were brilliant at working as team-working tigers!


We had to make very complicated potions to hatch our dragons. Luckily, they worked and all our dragons are now safely hatched.

Sock Dragons

We had so much fun designing and sewing our own sock dragons.  Even though it was really hard, everyone had an amazing growth mindset.

Dragon Eggs

Strange things have been happening in Year 2.  Mysteriously we had a delivery of dragon eggs.  Now everyone has their very own dragon to look after.



Year 2 Spring Term Plan