Your child’s journey through Year 2


Spring Term 2020

Our new topic is called ‘Around the World and Beyond’ and has a geography focus.  We begin the topic by exploring the exciting world of dragons and will be given the important responsibility of becoming guardians of our own dragons.  The second half term we’ll be learning about the continents and oceans of the world.  We will be planning our own imaginary adventure around the world and designing and making our own hot air balloons to travel in!  We will be finding out about the geography, animals and the habitats of each continent. We will explore the habitats of the oceans and the diversity of animals they support. Our trip to the London Aquarium will give the children first-hand experience of many amazing sea creatures and will be a great springboard for this learning.

Please see our curriculum document here: Year 2 – Spring Curriculum 2020


Maths Meeting

We recently held a Maths meeting to show how parents/carers can support their children at home with their maths learning.  Full details on that meeting can be found here: KS1 Maths Meeting 2019


Year 2 have been learning all about the value of different coins and how we can put them together to make amounts! The children have practised adding coins and finding different ways to make the same total.



The children have been practising their programming skills! They designed their own algorithms and tested them using the Beebots. The children learnt that if our instructions go wrong, we can ‘debug’ them by changing one aspect.

Reading Meeting

Learning to read is the most important skill children will learn during their early schooling and has far-reaching implications for life-long confidence and well-being.  It was lovely to see so many parents at our recent meeting and we hope you went away with information on how you can support your child at home to establish good reading habits for life.

Please see link below which gives information  on what was covered at the meeting:-

KS1 Reading Meeting – October 2019


Museum of London

Year 2 had an wonderful time visiting the Museum of London.  We explored artefacts from 1666 and took part in an amazing story telling session.


We know so much more about the fire of London now!


Wonderful Learning

Year 2 have had a wonderful week! The children have done lots of number investigations in Maths and have also started learning about the Great Fire of London. They went back in time to Pudding Lane and baked currant buns as part of our Wow Day, then made fantastic Tudor houses. We learnt about how the materials from 1666 made the fire spread so quickly, and how houses are different today.

Autumn Term

Welcome to our first exciting term of Year 2.  Our topic this term is ‘Changes'; with a focus on history and science.  It explores the theme of changes in a variety of contexts, beginning with changes to London as result of the fire of 1666, then changes brought about by Rosa Parks and Emily Davison and finally looking at changes in the human life cycle and how plants grow and change.  Please see our curriculum document here: Year 2 Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2019 which will provide you with an overview of the different skills and knowledge we will be covering up until Christmas.



We have been learning about mass, volume and capacity.  Here are some photos of us using our measuring skills to investigate mass.  We had to estimate objects which weigh more and less that 100g, work out different ways to make 100g using balancing scales and weigh some mystery presents using weighing scales to work out what they would cost to send in the post.  We really enjoyed working as a team as we completed each challenge.


Shoebox Habitats

Look at our amazing habitats! We immersed ourselves in understanding animal habitats last week when we each created our own shoebox habitats.  As an extension of our current topic, Africa, each was based on an African habitat and provided a chosen animal with water and a food source.


We worked really hard to research different habitats (desert, savannah, river and rainforest) and find out which living things would be found there.


We decorated the outside of our habitats with some of our favourite facts too!


We also created our own version of different habitats which can be found in Africa and included the animals we thought would live there.  What do you think of our creations?

Word Processing Skills

Year 2 was ‘like an office for grown-ups’ this week.  As part of our ICT curriculum, we practised our word processing skills by typing up our favourite facts about Africa.  We can now type, save and print our work ready for display in our classroom.


We’re off to Africa!

As part of our WOW introduction to our new topic ‘Africa, A Continent of Contrasts’ we flew to Nairobi in Kenya and visited a fruit market! We made tickets and passports and had to visit airport security before boarding our plane. We had Kenyan shillings to ‘spend’ on fruit tasting and got to dress up in traditional African fabrics and enjoy playing djembe drums. We also explored masks, figures and other interesting artefacts. We learned lots about animals and houses too but there’s still so much to find out this term.



Year 2 - Summer Term Plan 2019