Your child’s journey through Year 2


Word Processing Skills

Year 2 was ‘like an office for grown-ups’ this week.  As part of our ICT curriculum, we practised our word processing skills by typing up our favourite facts about Africa.  We can now type, save and print our work ready for display in our classroom.


We’re off to Africa!

As part of our WOW introduction to our new topic ‘Africa, A Continent of Contrasts’ we flew to Nairobi in Kenya and visited a fruit market! We made tickets and passports and had to visit airport security before boarding our plane. We had Kenyan shillings to ‘spend’ on fruit tasting and got to dress up in traditional African fabrics and enjoy playing djembe drums. We also explored masks, figures and other interesting artefacts. We learned lots about animals and houses too but there’s still so much to find out this term.



Year 2 - Summer Term Plan 2019



Healthy sandwich making

As part of our science and DT learning we learned about how eating a varied and balanced diet can help keep our bodies healthy. Using this knowledge we then planned, made and ate healthy sandwiches. Yum!

Open Afternoon

We enjoyed sharing what we have learned throughout our topic ‘Around the World’ with our families and friends. We presented our research of different continents and then challenged our adults to a quiz to find out what they had learned from us. It was fun!



RE Day

We explored the Christian festival of Easter in our RE Day this term. We learned about the symbolism of the foods that are eaten and the decorations we find at this time of year. It was really interesting and lovely way to end the spring term.



Aquarium Trip

To enrich our learning about the world’s oceans we visited the Sealife London Aquarium. It was fantastic! We saw sharks, rays, jellyfish, star fish…. and so many more. We found out lots of facts about the sea creatures and also used our visit to inspire a sea adventure story.



RE visit

We visited St Peter’s Church in Brockley as part of our learning about Christianity. We found out about different features of the church and what they represent to Christians. We enjoyed looking at the stained glass windows and working out what they showed.



Take One Picture

We had lots of fun and found out loads of interesting things about George Bellows’s painting Men of the Docks during Take One Picture week. We explored the painting through drama, weaving, painting, drawing and creating 3D city scapes. We were all really proud of the work we put in the exhibition.



Year 2 - Spring 2 Term Plan 2019



Dragon Guardians!

A few weeks ago we were visited by the Defender of Dragons, Pusha Hist, and we became guardians of the last dragon eggs on earth.  We wrote fantastic spells to hatch our dragons and when our dragon hatchlings were 2 weeks old, we wrote a spell to give them their magical dragon powers.

We had to use lots of amazing adverbs and imperative verbs to make sure our instructions were clear and precise.  Amazingly, our spells worked and our dragons are now able to use their magical powers.


Egg Drop

In Science we read the book ‘Egg Drop’ and thought of ways we could help protect the egg in the story. We explored the properties of a range of different materials to decide which materials would be best to protect a falling egg. We chose materials which were soft, flexible, light and cushioned.

We were each given a chocolate egg and had to protect this using our materials before we dropped it from the same height (this made sure it was a fair test.) Luckily, all of our eggs survived the fall because we chose such good materials.


Science Investigations

In Science we have been investigating growth and changes in animals and humans.  To find out if our bodies grow as we get older, we measured the arm from elbow to finger tip in children from Reception, Year 2 and Year 5.  We also measured our teacher.  We found out that as people get older, their arm length gets bigger.


Year 2 - Spring Term Plan 2019



Year 2 have loved working with our Art Specialist, Karen.  Our artwork has all been themed around the Great Fire of London and has allowed us to develop lots of different skills, including weaving, printing and colour mixing.


Decomposition for subtraction

In Maths, we have been developing our understanding of how to break down tens when subtracting.  To help us grasp the concept we used playdough.  This allowed us to physically break up a tens ‘stick’ into ones.



Year 2 - Autumn 2 2018


Museum of London

We had a fantastic trip to the Museum of London and took part in an interactive workshop handling objects from the time of the fire and taking part in a dramatic retelling of the events of the time!  We then went to look at St Paul’s Cathedral and enjoyed sketching Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece.


London Fire Brigade

We had a visit from the London Fire Brigade and took part in a fire safety workshop. We learned about what fire fighters do and the equipment they use. We also talked about staying away from fire hazards in our homes like candles, lighters and matches and what to do in a fire emergency.

Share a Story

It was lovely to see so many families come along to read with their children.  Share a Story will take place on Fridays this half term, 9.15 to 9.30am.



Every Friday we have ‘Share a Story’ with parents and carers from Year 2.  We are also joined by some Year 6 children, who support reading with children in the year group.

Great Fire of London

We are learning about diary writing in Literacy and using all our Great Fire of London knowledge to write our own diaries and recording our imagined experiences in 1666.  In History, as well as researching lots of interesting facts, we’ve been finding out first-hand what it would’ve been like to write with a quill and ink – just like Samuel Pepys did.  It was much harder than we thought it would be!


Representing numbers in different ways

We used practical maths materials to explore place value and represent numbers in different ways.  There were lots of fantastic discussions going on and people had really interesting ideas of how to represent their chosen number.  We have set a similar task for homework this week.  Can you have a go at the challenge as a family using everyday materials at home?  We would love to see photos!



Pudding Lane

Year 2 travelled back in time to 1666 to work as apprentice bakers in the King’s bakery in Pudding Lane. We had to read the recipe for the King’s Best Buns very carefully and follow all of the instructions to make delicious buns. We all enjoyed tasting the buns when they came out of the oven, parents too! I hope someone remembered to put the oven out… ​




Year 2 - Autumn Term Plan