Your child’s journey through Year 2


Tudor Houses

We had so much fun making houses from 1666.


Year 2 Autumn Term Plan 2017

Horniman Museum Trip

We had a wonderful time visiting the Horniman Museum to learn more about Africa.  We got to play with recycled African toys.  We tried on African clothes.  We even got to play all kinds of instruments.


We’ve been learning about Africa animals and how they’ve adapted to suit their habitat.  We then worked with a  partner to make habitats for Monkeys, Giraffes and Camels.


We’ve had an exciting week learning about giving change in Year 2.  We took turns buying decorations for our very own cakes and being the shop keeper and giving change.  We’re now brilliant at working out change!


YR2 SUMMER 2 LETTER 2017 final


We’ve been learning about the physical features of Africa.  We had an exciting morning working together in teams to make a giant map of Africa.  Can you spot the deserts, savannas, rain-forests and mountains?


We had lots of fun making and tasting Chakalaka, an African Stew.

Deptford Market

We visited Deptford Market to buy ingredients to make an African stew called Chakalaka.  The children had shopping lists and had to make sure they bought everything they needed to make the recipe.  We had lots of fun.


Year 2 had an exciting day visiting Nairobi in Kenya. We got ready for our adventure by making our own passport and boarding passes and were each given 50 shillings to spend. Our flight took off from Myatt Garden airport at 9:30am and we all managed to get through security just in time! Our flight was over 8 hours long so some of us took a nap. When we finally arrived in Nairobi we visited a fruit market where we bought and tasted delicious local fruits including, Papaya, Mango, Passion fruit, Pineapple and Guava.  We had a brilliant time trying on Kenyan clothes and designing our own Kenyan inspired patterns. There are even more photos in our porch outside our classrooms.





We have been learning how to code in our computing lessons using Scratch Junior. It’s really fun!


London Aquarium

We had an exciting trip to the London Aquarium where we saw rays, sharks, penguins, jellyfish, starfish and many more fascinating sea creatures.  We found out lots of amazing facts about these animals and the oceans within which they live.


Egg Drop

We were inspired by the story Egg Drop by Mini Grey to test which material best protects a falling egg.  We worked in teams to plan, make and test our very own egg protection device using a range of materials.  Then we took them into the playground to test which ones worked best.


Dragon Sock Puppet’s

As part of our dragon learning we designed and created our very own sock puppet dragons.  We had the help of some amazing parents, we really couldn’t have done it without all their help!


Year 2 - Term Plan Spring 2


We’ve been creating our own 3-D shapes and carrying out maths investigations.

Hot Air Balloons

We have been learning all about the seven continents in Geography.  As part of our learning, we each created our very own hot air balloon to travel around the world in and decorated it with animals from each continent.


Exciting things have been happening in Year 2.  A dragon visited us and brought us each our very own dragon egg!  We even had to create hatching potions to hatch our eggs. Happily our potions worked and our dragons are now all safely hatched.

Church Visit

We had a brilliant time visiting St Peter’s church. We learned about the features of a church and why going to church is important to Christians.




Little Red Riding Hood

The children sang and acted their hearts out for this year’s 2 production before Christmas.  It was so much fun and they all learned so much throughout the process, especially about performance skills, teamwork and having a growth mindset when it comes to trying new things for the first time.  Well done Year 2!

Year2 Autumn 2 2016 term plan


We had lots of fun investigating hot and cold colours and then mixing our own unique shades.  We even invented special names for them.

Paper Weaving

We have been exploring how to weave with paper strips and a card loom. It was tricky at first but we persevered and ended up with beautiful artwork.



We enjoyed being scientists testing which materials were waterproof and which were not.  We thought carefully about which ones would be best for making tents.  We will be making tents soon.

Fire of London Books

We worked together in teams to make wonderful books all about the Great Fire of London. We are very proud of our finished books.


We have been learning to take away using dienes.  We had so much fun working with our partner to use our dienes to help us subtract.



We had a great time investigating the properties of materials.

Museum of London

Year 2 had a wonderful day out exploring the Fire! Fire! exhibition at the Museum of London.  We found out all sorts of interesting things about the Great Fire of London.  We even got to dress up as Samuel Pepys and redesign London.



In Art this week we’ve been printing.  Every child has designed and made a template of a Tudor house and has had a chance to use the printing press to make their own unique print.  We then stuck the prints onto small boxes to make 3D houses.  We’ve added roofs, tiles and chimneys to make them look like authentic houses from the time of the Great Fire of London.

Great Fire of London

We’ve had a brilliant week working together to make information books about the Great Fire of London.

Pudding Lane Bakery

We had a fantastic morning working in Pudding Lane Bakery. We made Charles II the most delicious buns for Samuel Pepys’s birthday.

Why not try making these delicious currant buns at home?

Fire of London Cakes

Year 2 Autumn Term Plan