Your child’s journey through Year 3


YR3 Summer 1 Term Plan 2017

Measuring Capacity in Maths – Potion Making

In Maths we looked at measuring volume and capacity using millilitres and litres.  We then applied this to some problem solving activities involving potion making.  We had to work out the correct combination of ingredients required to make potions of different amounts.  We then designed our own potions.  We had to initially calculate ingredients to make potions measuring 200ml and then scale up our calculations to make double the amount of potion!  Once we were sure our calculations were correct, we were given access to some magical ingredients and measured them very carefully using measuring cylinders to make our magical potions.  Great team work and very accurate measuring meant that no adult, child or wizard was harmed during this lesson!


Year 3 - Spring Term plan 2


We played a game online to help us understand the process of mummification.   It was really fun because we got to remove the brain and internal organs before we could mummify the Egyptian person.  We can’t wait to use our new knowledge to write our instructions next week!

Mayan Hieroglyphs

We have been working with Karen in art to sketch and make Mayan masks and also practice writing in Mayan hieroglyphs using ink.


Year 3 Spring Term Plan 2017




Solving Subtraction Word Problems

For maths, we have been learning how to subtract by counting backwards on an empty number line.  We challenged ourselves in pairs to solve world problems using this new method. We thought it was good working in pairs as we could help each other spot mistakes and make sure we were choosing different levels of challenges!


We visited Hilly Fields to make observations about a local woodland habitat which we could compare to our study of the Amazon rainforest.  As well as this, we were on the lookout for different examples of seed dispersal to support our science learning about plants.  We were able to find a wide range of examples which we brought back to class and sorted according to some observable features.  After learning more about the different methods for seed dispersal, we then had a go at sorting the examples we found according to how they were dispersed.

It was really challenging, but we were able to work as a team to complete the task!

Greenwich Ecology Park

At the beginning of the term we visited Greenwich Ecology Park to find out more about living things and their habitats.

We learnt about different types of insects and the conditions they like to live in. We also did some pond dipping for aquatic creatures and even held some small Newts.  One of the best parts was being able to see some of the smaller living things up close using a microscope!


We have been investigating how water is transported in plants. We set up an investigation using food colouring mixed with water so that we would be able to see if our theory was correct. We predicted that the petals of the flower would change colour if the water was transported by the stem. After a few days we were proven correct!