Your child’s journey through Year 3





Year 3 - Spring Term Plan 2019


Maths and Geography

Year 3 children have been enjoying practical lessons in Maths and Geography.

Junk Modelling

We enjoyed designing and making our own junk model animals.  We made them move using a pneumatic system and we really enjoyed testing out the pneumatic systems too!

Beckenham Place Park

Year 3 children had a great day out exploring the ancient woodland in Beckenham Place Park linked to our ‘If You Go Down to the Woods Today’ topic.


Year 3 - Autumn 2 Term Plan



Year 3 - Autumn Term Plan 2018




It’s the end of term, we love to invite the parents to join us in class and see all the fabulous learning from:-


Art and making Greek pots;

Reading and performing a playscript with expression;


In DT we explored  paper technology to make pop up books to tell some popular ancient Greek myths.


How much liquid do you think would fill up the school attendance cup?

Guesses from the children: 100ml? 50ml? 250ml?

How can we find out?

Children investigated capacity, measuring in millimetre (ml) and litre (l)

After the investigation we got closer to the answer 2000ml that is equivalent to 2l.


British Museum

Year 3 visited  the British Museum to look at Greek pots and patterns.



In Sikhism we were learning how important it is to have Langar which is the sharing of food, most of the class tasted dahl for the first time and really loved it!



The Sikh holy book is called the Guru Granth Sahib, it is treated with the utmost respect



Ancient Greece

We are continuing with our Ancient Greece theme and have been learning about Circe, the Goddess of Magic.

Circe turned the crew into pigs

…… and back into mortals


Human Body

In Science we are learning about the Human Body.  What kind of animal is this?  Are the teeth real?

We are making a life size skeleton!


Year 3 Summer Term 2 Plan

 Greek Myths

Greek myths are so fascinating, imagine a snake head woman – yikes!  If you look at her she will turn you to stone. We are planning to write a newspaper report about how Odysseus defeated The Gorgon – Medusa the snake head woman.



We have been learning about fractions.  We had fun finding fractions of different amounts using PE equipment.

Groovy Greeks

Year 3 children enjoyed a day with an ancient Greek lady.  All week they were busy making costumes and props for the upcoming Olympics and possible attack from the enemy.  Luckily the boys did not have to enter the running races NAKED!


Year 3 Summer Term Plan 2018