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Year 3 Summer Term Plan 2018


Year 3 Spring 2 Term Plan

Take One Picture Week

Our year group are making Frankenstein dolls for our Take One Picture Project.  We have learned so many skills this week such as, drawing around a pattern and cutting out the pieces of fabrics, threading a needle with types of threads, tying a knot at the end of the threads, tacking on and off, doing running stitches and back stitch.  As well as these new skills we even attached buttons and zips and joined different fabrics together.


Ancient Civilisations

We are learning about Ancient Civilisations as part of our literacy and how to write clear instructions.  We made notes as we used bread and jam to create one of the seven wonders of the world.

Can you guess which famous pyramid this is?

Many beautiful artefacts were made during the Ancient civilisations, we  looked  at images of many other beautiful objects. With our art specialist teachers we made our own scrolls inspired by the Shang dynasty.

………indus valley style paper beads and recycled ornament necklaces

and ancient summer tablets!


Year 3 Spring Term Plan



Year 3 Autumn 2 Term Plan



Year 3 Autumn Term Plan 2017