Your child’s journey through Year 4


Our Trip to Deptford Creek

As part of our science and geography learning, we went to Creekside to learn about rivers and experience a river wade in Deptford Creek! During our visit, we use fieldwork and classwork to observe, measure rate of flow, width, depth and record details of a local river.

Some of the comments from the children are detailed below:

“I liked when we walked through the river, Alice showed us how we could see which way the current flowed”

“I enjoyed learning about rivers inside the centre after we had been in the river”

“I enjoyed when Alice taught us about the different water levels at different tides”

“The video was really interesting to watch.  It showed Deptford Creek at low and high tide – we learnt about what changed”

“It was really fun when we got to hold the leeches!”

“I enjoyed when we were sketching the river and when we were labelling the different features.  Just like we had done at school”

“We raced ducks.  It was fun.”



 Spring Term 2020

Our new topic this term is Water, Water Everywhere and we are really excited about the learning we have planned. We will begin with an in depth look at the ‘unsinkable’ ship; Titanic. The children have already shown a great level of interest in the subject which is great to see. Our learning will be cross curricular, combining literacy, history and ICT.  In Maths this term we will be focussing on multiplying and dividing 4 digit numbers before moving onto measuring with a focus on area and perimeter. We would also like to stress the importance of your child continuing to practise their 12 times tables.

Please see our Spring curriculum document here: Year 4 – Spring Curriculum 2020



Autumn Term 2019

The start to Year 4 has been fantastic and the children have started the year with a wonderfully positive attitude.  Our topic this term is called ‘Long, Long Ago’.  Wherever possible, we will be taking a cross curricular approach to our learning and making it an active hand-on experience for the children.  We will learn about pre-history from the Stone Age to the Iron Age; this will link directly with our geography, art, DT and some of our literacy learning.  Please see our curriculum document here: Year 4 Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2019 which will provide you with an overview of the different skills and knowledge we will be covering up until Christmas.


Trip to HQS Wellington

Our trip to HQS Wellington was very informative and has really helped us learn.

Make Do and Mend

We have been learning about rationing in the Second World War, in particular the scheme that encouraged people to revive and repair worn out clothes.  Our design brief was to create a new bag using old clothes/materials.


We considered which materials would be suitable to work with to design and create our ‘Make do and Mend’ bag.  As part of the design process, we practised different sewing stitches and created mock bags using paper.  We then used these skills to make our final bag.

We had lots of fun making our new creations!

Abstract Art

Year 4 have been inspired by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore who both created art work during the Second World War. They have been learning about abstraction of the human form. Anja Lurburch a local ceramicist worked along side both classes and our art specialist teacher Karen, to create both small and large scale forms. I think you will agree the results are magnificent. Well done Year 4!


Year 4 - Summer Term Plan 2019