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YR4 Summer 2 Term Plan 2017








Year 4 - Spring term 2

 Year 4 Spring Term


Butser Ancient Farm

Year 4 took a step back in time to a recreation of an Iron Age village at Butser Ancient Farm.  They were able to support their topic of ‘Long, long ago’.  The children were able to experience what life would have been like and took part in some fantastic activities including; jewellery making,  using clunch and daub, wattling and archaeology.  See some of the children’s comments below:

“I really liked smashing the chalk to make clunch we used it to make an Iron Age round house!”

“I loved seeing the sheep at Butser Farm. I learnt how to make Iron Age jewellery.  I made a ring.”

“I really enjoyed learning about archaeology, we used a trowel to look for artefact’s.   I found part of an iron pot.”


Long, Long ago

As part of our learning about the Stone Age, we learnt how to make fire without using lighters or matches. After learning the safety rules, we used flint and steel to create sparks that could set our dry kindling on fire. We showed LOTs of resilience when we were practising creating sparks, but we didn’t give up! It was so exciting when our fires burst into flames. Learning about history is fun!


Stone Age Cave

Year 4 made a great start to turning their classroom into a Stone Age cave during their first week of the topic Long, Long Ago.  Keep watching to see how their 3D cave models turn out!



Year 4 Term Plan