Your child’s journey through Year 4


Year 4 - Spring Term Plan 2019







Trip to the Dentist

Year 4 children had a wonderful trip to the dentist recently, as part of our science learning.  The Dentists and the Practice Manager were very welcoming and taught us all about how to look after our teeth and gums.  They gave us information about healthy foods and showed us how to brush our teeth effectively.  They were impressed with our knowledge about the types of teeth we have and their functions!



Year 4 - Autumn 2 2018

Butser Farm

As part of our Iron Age learning, Year 4 visited Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire. The farm is an exact replica of an Iron Age settlement and we spent the day undertaking Stone and Iron Age activities which included making jewellery, wattling fences etc.



Year 4 - Autumn Term Plan 2018




We have been developing our map skills and using atlases to help us identify some of the countries that exported food supplies to Britain before WW2 started. We looked at which continents  and countries the food came from and the distances travelled. We were able to then consider and discuss the journey of the food convoys, the possible locations of underwater attacks by the Germans and what it would have been like once WW2 had started.

DT Week

Year 4 have been learning about how the people of Britain were encouraged to ‘Make Do and Mend’ throughout WW2 as clothes supplies were low and eventually rationed.

It was a good idea to reuse old clothes or make new ones, and this exactly what year 4 have been doing for DT week!  We have designed and made amazing bags, using different types of stitches, old clothes, buttons and zips.



Year 4 - Summer Term 2 Plan

World War II

Year 4 have been learning all about WWII, and we were all extremely excited about going to the Imperial War Museum!  We saw lots of amazing things like the hanging war planes; WWII tanks and weapons; the uniforms soldiers wore and a life size Anderson Shelter!

Year 4 had a great time exploring the museum and spending time inside an Anderson Shelter.


In Science Year 4 have been learning about electricity. The children have been figuring out how to make a bulb light up in a circuit and exploring how to make switches. They have also figured out how to add one into a circuit successfully!


As part of our Blitz topic, children have been working together to support each other in drafting and improving their work.  This has resulted in the children creating beautifully emotive poems about The Blitz.

The Blitz

As an introduction to our new topic, The Blitz, Year 4 have been enjoying learning all about the Allies and Axis, building Anderson Shelters, creating WW2 planes and gas masks and practising Air Raid drills. It has certainly been a messy, busy and exciting week back to school.



Year 4 Summer Term Plan 2018