Your child’s journey through Year 5


Autumn Term

Our autumn  term in Year 5 is full of exciting learning.  We have already jumped right into our Loving London topic with a historical walk around Deptford and an exciting boat ride along the River Thames.  Please see our curriculum document here: Year 5 Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2019 which will provide you with an overview of the different skills and knowledge we will be covering up until Christmas.




Year 5 children visited a Buddhist Temple.  We wanted to find out what is Buddhism and how do Buddhists worship.

We enjoyed exploring the grounds and found secret Buddhist statues.  We also had the opportunity to meet a real Buddhist Monk who shared his faith with us.


Herne Hill Velodrome is one of the best trips ever.

We all challenged ourselves by either learning to ride a bike, riding a mountain bike through rough (sort of) terrain or riding on a fixed wheel bike around the track.  AWESOME!!


Natural History Museum

Year 5 had a wonderful day at the Natural History Museum. They enjoyed a brilliant workshop about Volcanoes and Earthquakes, explored the museum to find out all sorts of interesting facts, and even had the opportunity to see a wonderful Moon installation which was great introduction to our next Science topic – Space.


Extreme Earth

Extreme Earth has given us an explosive start to the Summer term. The children created amazing volcanoes as part of their learning and enjoyed making them erupt!



Year 5 - Summer Term Plan 2019


CAM Toys

We spent a whole week designing and making  our own CAM toys.   All the parents were really impressed when we showed them off in one of our open afternoons.


Year 5 - Spring Term 2 Plan 2019


Take One Picture Week

For Take One Picture week, Year 5 explored the effect of migration on families and the feeling associated with it. We all enjoyed sharing our personal stories and journeys.

We visited the migration museum, explored different emotions and used sketching techniques to create self-portraits that represented the different emotions felt when migrating.



In Science, Year 5 have been learning about air resistance and had lots of fun trying to creating parachutes that would save their eggs from cracking! These experiments raised many interesting questions about air resistance. All the children had to think carefully about what effect the material, shape and size of the parachute could have on air resistance.




Invaders and Settlers

The children in Year 5 got off to an exciting start to their new topic ‘Invaders and Settlers’ by having a visit from Eric the Viking who took us way back in time – more than 1000 years back!


The children had a great time learning how the Anglo Saxons and Vikings ruled their communities, had a go at trying on clothes and armour, whist also exploring many amazing artefacts.



Year 5 - Spring Term Plan 2019



Year 5 have enjoyed a great week of DT where we have designed, made and evaluated our own healthy soups.


We thought carefully about the flavour, texture, ingredients and appearance of the soups insuring they contained many nutritional benefits. We also had a great time designing our own packaging for the soups and of course – eventually scoffing them.