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Year 5 Spring term 2

Air Resistance

Year 5 are studying forces this term and have been investigating the effects of air resistance. The children had to design parachutes to protect their Minion eggs as they plunged from the playground into the well. They found that a larger parachute worked better but it was important not to make it too heavy. Some Minions survived but some were not so lucky…

Erik the Viking

The children had a visit from Erik the Viking to investigate life during this time period.




Loving London

It’s been a busy few weeks in Year 5! We launched our ‘Loving London’ topic with a local walk to learn more about Brockley and Deptford. We were particularly interested in the street art we saw and the amazing food that’s available in Deptford Market. We’ve also been on an exciting river trip where we looked for London landmarks along the Thames. How many landmarks can you spot in our pictures?


Science Investigators

In Science, we designed our own investigations into separating solids. The tricky part was deciding which equipment we would need, especially as our teachers had thrown in a few red herrings! How would you separate a mixture of pasta, rice and flour?

 Year 5 Autumn 2 Term Plan


 Year 5 - autumn term 1 letter