Your child’s journey through Year 5



Year 5 - Summer Term Plan 2019



Year 5 - Spring Term 2 Plan 2019



Year 5 - Spring Term Plan 2019



Year 5 have enjoyed a great week of DT where we have designed, made and evaluated our own healthy soups.


We thought carefully about the flavour, texture, ingredients and appearance of the soups insuring they contained many nutritional benefits. We also had a great time designing our own packaging for the soups and of course – eventually scoffing them.


Year 5 - Autumn 2 Term Plan 2018


Museum of London

As an introduction to our History topic ‘The Romans’, Year 5 visited the Museum of London and found out a lot of interesting facts about Roman life in London. We even ventured deep underground below the streets of London to explore the remains of Londinium’s Roman amphitheatre.

Beep Test

Year 5 have been preparing for the beep test and had fun whilst we measured their fitness levels.

Iconic Buildings

We had fun identifying these iconic buildings on our trip to central London. Do you recognise any?




Year 5 had a great time at PGL. All the children made the most of all the great activities, showing incredible courage, strength and resilience. They enjoyed  working together to problem solve and to complete many challenging tasks. It was definitely a memorable and fun experience for all.



River Thames

Year 5 took a ride down The River Thames on a boat and enjoyed seeing all the amazing London buildings they had researched come to life.

Loving London

We have been researching and learning more about London! We have been taking a closer look at the iconic buildings in London and finding out why they are so famous and loved.


Local Walk

Do you recognise any of these places in our locality?



Year 5 - Autumn Term Plan 2018