Your child’s journey through Year 5


Beep Test

Year 5 have been preparing for the beep test and had fun whilst we measured their fitness levels.

Iconic Buildings

We had fun identifying these iconic buildings on our trip to central London. Do you recognise any?


River Thames

Year 5 took a ride down The River Thames on a boat and enjoyed seeing all the amazing London buildings they had researched come to life.

Loving London

We have been researching and learning more about London! We have been taking a closer look at the iconic buildings in London and finding out why they are so famous and loved.


Local Walk

Do you recognise any of these places in our locality?



Year 5 - Autumn Term Plan 2018





All of the children had the opportunity to cycle at a local velodrome centre.


Pizza Fun

As part of our DT learning, Year 5 children had a very enjoyable time making Pizza.  They were taught about hygiene when cooking, how to roll out dough and came up with some great topping options for each pizza.  They turned out well and were very delicious.

Year 5 - Summer Term 2 Plan

Digital Microscopes

As part of our science learning, we used digital microscopes to look at the make-up of soil.

British Library

We enjoyed our visit to the British Library.  We attended a literacy workshop and learnt how to play with words and creative writing.

Outdoor Maths

As part of our maths learning this term, the children were taught how to measure capacity with water.

Greenwich Observatory

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to the Greenwich Observatory.  The planetarium show was fascinating, with millions of ‘Goldilocks’ planets, we think that other life forms almost certainly exist!  Standing over the Greenwich Meridian Line with one foot in the East and one in the West was fun!

Making Tiles

We created patterns using mosaic tiles and glass beads; this helped us to think of how we used space and pattern.  We went on to create our own clay tiles, which were fired.  Taking inspiration from Dutch ceramics, we then decorated our tiles using a limited palette.


Science Rocks

As part of our learning about rocks, we carried out a series of investigations to record properties of different rocks.  We selected our own equipment to test hardness, solubility, structure and permeability.



We had a wonderful week and developed some excellent skills.  Creating our own bird designs and developing these to prints was a real highlight.  It was a great experience using a professional press.  Our hard work came together for the exhibition.

Tiger Mosaic

We were lucky to work with a Mosaic Specialist who taught us safe methods to cut tiles.  Together, we designed our mosaic and worked together as a year group to create our fabulous tiger.  We think he looks g-r-r-r-eat!

Outside Maths

Working outside is fun!  We were given a series of challenges which involved converting measures in different units and problem solving using perimeter.  Team work was essential.



The children have been working on their sketchbooks and creating some wonderful work.


Year 5’s summer Extreme Earth topic started with making ‘erupting’ volcanoes.


Year 5 summer term plan


As part of our science learning, we carried out an investigation to see if we could make a parachute and container to protect a raw egg when it was dropped.  We worked in pairs and decided on our own designs and use of materials.  We tested our ideas inside, before dropping our eggs in the playground.  It was really interesting to see which shapes created most resistance and fell slowly.   Sadly, some of our eggs didn’t survive…..



Year 5 Spring Term Plan 2

Take One Picture Week

We felt very sorry for the bird who was being experimented on in the painting ‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’ by  Joseph Wright of Derby (1768) and decided to make birds that could be free.  We used card to create colourful tropical birds.  It took a long time and we showed great resilience to produce some beautiful final products.

We also practised drawing different birds and chose our favourite to create a print. It was really exciting to pull the paper away from the polystyrene print and get to see out final result. We’re happy to say that they look stunning!

Our final piece is a whole class effort. We painted lots of tonal strips using only one colour plus white and black paint. Then we drew huge feathers and cut them out to create feathers. These were then arranged to make two fabulous wings. Look out for the final result…. we’ll post some pictures very soon…..



We were testing how the shape of a piece of Blu-tac affects the water resistance and which one moves through the water faster – the round ball shaped one or the wide flat one.

Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Year 5 have been learning about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings who settled in Britain. They have incorporated this with a focus on independent learning, supporting each other and maintaining focus. It’s been a great start to the term!

Year 5 Spring Term Plan