Your child’s journey through Year 5



Erik the Viking

Year 5 had a visit from Erik the Viking to teach us about what life was like in 879. He arrived in his baggy trousers and tunic with a knife attached to his belt and a boar tusk around his neck!


He brought in many interesting things to show us and we had a great time exploring. The children were very busy trying on the very fashionable clothing, chainmail, sounding of war horns and demonstrating their skills with swords and spears. We even discovered what punishments to expect if we got into trouble in 879 Britain.


Spring Term 2020

Our topic this term is all about Invaders and Settlers. The focus will be on the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. The children have already had an exciting visit from Eric the Viking and a chance to start exploring life during these periods. For the first half of the term, our Literacy learning will be based around ‘Viking Boy’ by Tony Bradman.

Please note: in Maths, our learning will focus on multiplication, division and fractions this half term. It is important that your child knows their multiplication tables and the related division facts. Please talk to us if you need ideas for supporting your child with this. Our focus times tables for the half term are the 3 and 6 times table – please make every effort to be practising these up until half term. After half term, we will be working on the 9 and 7 times table up until Easter.

A summary of our Spring curriculum can be found here: Year 5 – Spring Curriculum 2020




Autumn Term 2019

Our autumn  term in Year 5 is full of exciting learning.  We have already jumped right into our Loving London topic with a historical walk around Deptford and an exciting boat ride along the River Thames.  Please see our curriculum document here: Year 5 Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2019 which will provide you with an overview of the different skills and knowledge we will be covering up until Christmas.



Herne Hill Velodrome is one of the best trips ever.

We all challenged ourselves by either learning to ride a bike, riding a mountain bike through rough (sort of) terrain or riding on a fixed wheel bike around the track.  AWESOME!!


Natural History Museum

Year 5 had a wonderful day at the Natural History Museum. They enjoyed a brilliant workshop about Volcanoes and Earthquakes, explored the museum to find out all sorts of interesting facts, and even had the opportunity to see a wonderful Moon installation which was great introduction to our next Science topic – Space.


Extreme Earth

Extreme Earth has given us an explosive start to the Summer term. The children created amazing volcanoes as part of their learning and enjoyed making them erupt!



Year 5 - Summer Term Plan 2019