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Explorers Topic

Year 6 have launched their Explorers topic with an Antarctic maths hunt





Year 6 - Spring Term Plan 2019





Year 6 - Autumn 2 2018

The Royal Naval College

Year 6 took part in a variety of Tudor activities at the Naval College; they tried on Tudor costumes and even learnt a traditional dance!

Government and Politics

As part of their learning on Parliament and Democracy, Year 6 were visited by our local MP, Vicky Foxcroft.  They were able to ask her lots of interesting questions and learned a huge amount about life as an MP and daily routines in Parliament.

Swanage 2018

Year 6 had a fabulous time during their week away at Swanage, here are some of our highlights:-


We learnt fishing!


We had fun working in teams


We had a walk around Swanage learning about some of its history.


And we also had time to have some fun at the beach.




Year 6 - Autumn Term Plan-3 



Thursday 28th June 2018

Today we have chosen our costumes for our year 6 production, Bugsy Malone e.g. Bugsy’s pinstripe suit, Tallulah’s girls’ silver dresses. It’s really funny seeing people in outfits that you’d never imagine them in and some people just nail the look!

#quoteoftheday “Everything has gone swell, just swell.”

 Wednesday 27th  June

Today we have been doing a run through of the whole of Act 1, including all the singing and dancing.  While Act 1 have been dancing and singing, choir have been backing them singing beautiful harmonies.  We have finally seen what the splurge guns look like and started to work with a few of the other props.  The production is shaping up and looking really good!


Monday 25th  June 2018

The best scene today was when Dandy Dan killed Doodle because the sound effects are hilarious.  So far we have done nearly all the dances and all the scenes but they aren’t perfect – yet!  The best dance in Act 1 is Bang Bang and in Act 2 it’s Bad Guys.  The teachers have been watching and reviewing the scenes, while the TA’s have been focusing on costumes, props and scenery. (Tom is doing great as sound man!)

#quoteoftheday Ms Damant “These boys are too cool to smile!”


Wednesday 20th June 2018

Today we sang “So you wanna be a boxer” and it looks and sounds really good!  Everyone’s getting better and better with their acting and we don’t even need to use our scripts at all anymore.  Also we have some pretty cool outfits for the boys to wear during the bang bang dance.

#quotesoftheday  “Are you dead?”  “No, I’m alive!”    “Oh no, we killed Knuckles!”


Tuesday 19th  June 2018

Rehearsals are continuing and are getting better and better each day. We have worked extremely well learning our lines, dances and songs. Today we practised the dances, acting and songs. Costumes are slowly starting to appear and are looking fabulous!

This morning, Miss Whelan has helped us to learn and think up dance moves for the song: Bang Bang by Will I Am.

Tom has done a wonderful job setting up all the microphones and they all work brilliantly so we can hear all of the singers.

We want to give a massive thank you to; Ms Whelan, Ms Teager, Ms Damant, Ms Fox, Kim P, Tom, Sertac, Suzy and Catherine who have put in a massive amount of time and effort (as well as patience) during this play.


Monday 18th June 2018

Rehearsing all these dances and our lines was fun! As we had not been able to use our scripts for the first time on stage – everybody did so well.  Everybody was very enthusiastic while performing and everyone enjoyed it.

#funnymomentoftheday     I said say ARGH! Not AHH! It’s not time to go to the dentist!


Wednesday 13th June 2018

Today we did lots of singing and harmonising in our choir groups. We also learnt a new song – it’s a different tone to all the other songs. Did you know that half of Year 6 are our choir in Act 1 and the other half are the choir in Act 2 and they are all amazing?

#funnymomentoftheday    The dance for Bad Guys is very entertaining to watch but there are also some comedy moments!


Tuesday 12th June 2018

Today we have been working with Sertac – Evie and Daisy did solos and they were so amazing!  We learnt different parts for choir and also finished choreographing Bad Guys.


Monday 11th June 2018

Today for rehearsals Act 2 practised the bad guys dance. There were lots of difficult moves – even some chicken moves!  In act one, the Spice Girls and Lady Gaga were working on their attitudes – girl power!

#funnymomentoftheday   Salt ‘n’ Pepa


Wednesday 6th June 2018

Have you ever wanted to be a boxer? Well today, we’ve learnt that song. We haven’t had much time to practise more of the production as we’ve been busy doing science, literacy and PE and having our photos taken!

“Ooh that’s fast!”  #quoteoftheday


Tuesday 5th June 2018

Yesterday we started doing rehearsals and we only have six weeks to make it perfect. We have been rehearsing part two and it’s very enjoyable as we have a lot of funny characters. Today we also had Sertac help us with the songs (we tried out people doing solos and canons) and we have been getting props ready – Suzy is cutting out a life-size cardboard corpse.

“Do I still need to be a tree on there? Because I probably wouldn’t have moved?”  #quoteoftheday


Monday 4th June 2018

Today we are starting rehersals for our year six production, Bugsy Malone. This is a crucial time as we are now seeing what the script sounds like on stage. Everybody has been learning their lines over half term and everyone was really excited to get started. This is the first ever production in which Myatt Garden has used year six children to form a choir! Previously, the school choir had always been used but due to having ninety children in the year group, not everyone would have been able to fit in the hall.

“To me. To you. To me? To you? To you…?”  #quoteoftheday

Year 6 - Summer Term 2 Plan



Arithmetic Skills

Mrs Teager’s maths group have been practising their arithmetic skills with a puzzle or two!



Our Year 6 children visited the The Natural History Museum, took part in a fossils workshop and met ‘Alfred Russel Wallace’.  The children were shown how to identify adaptations in living things and to understand how adaptions over time can lead to evolution.



Year 6 Summer Term Plan