Your child’s journey through Year 6 

Making Props

We have been preparing for our production of Mama Mia.  We have been using our sewing skills to make costumes and props.

Math Investigations – Ratio



We have been learning how to use a compass.  We were given instructions and used our compass to navigate.

YR6 Summer 2 term plan




Year 6 having been typing up the obituaries they have written this week. They are putting them into a newspaper template on Publisher.

Year 6 used their research on a famous explorer to create their piece.



Yr6 Term Plan Summer 1 2017




Year 6 - Spring Term Plan 2

Take One Picture Week

Printing our explorer designs with our foot!  Jo the Print Maker came in to help us print.

During Take One Picture week, Year 6 were painting the James Caird and transferring crew images onto the boat’s sail.



Year 6 Autumn 2 Term Plan



Year 6 have made a fabulous start to this half term by looking at surrealist art and the collages of Hannah Hoch and Kurt Switters. They have begun to make their own sketch books ready for their line drawing study.

National Portrait Gallery

As part of our history topic on the Tudors, Year 6 visited the National Portrait Gallery.

An artist called Ian spoke to us about the history behind the portraits as well as helping us to understand the meaning behind the paintings.


Year 6 Term Plan