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KS1 Maths Videos for Parents

Our maths videos demonstrate the various methods we use across Key Stage 1 to teach the four main operations. These methods are used in conjunction with the rest of the maths curriculum and extend across  years 1 and 2. The methods will be taught in sequence and the children will not be moved on until we are sure they have a very good understanding of the preceding technique.

We also run maths workshops for parents (KS1 &KS2) where we discuss our methods and how you can help your child at home. Here are some useful Maths links which may also help:

Sumdog (From Year 2 onwards)



BBC Bitesize KS1 Maths

Myatt Garden KS2 Maths videos for parents

KS1 maths meeting 


1. Addition – Real Objects

2. Addition – Number Line

3. Addition – 100 Square

4. Addition – Tens & Units – Pictorial Method

5. Addition – Open Number Line & Partitioning

Division – videos coming soon


1. Multiplication – Multiples & Times Tables

2. Multiplication – Rows

3. Multiplication – Array

4. Multiplication – doubling & repeated addition

5. Multiplication – Open number line


1. Subtraction – Real Objects & take away on a number line

2. Subtraction – 100 square

3. Subtraction – Picture Method

4. Subtraction – Open Number Line