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Maths Videos – KS2

The maths videos on the website demonstrate the various methods we use across Key Stage 2 to teach the four main operations. These method are used in conjunction with the rest of the maths curriculum and extend across all four year groups. The methods will be taught in sequence and the children will not be moved on until we are sure they have a very good understanding of the preceding technique. Enjoy.

We also run Parents Maths workshops, you can download a copy of the handout below as well as a copy of our Maths Essential Knowledge document.

Calculations Workshop

Maths Essential Knowledge_Parents Version

Oxford Owl Maths in Schools

You can also look at the National Numeracy Parents Toolkit for help.

We will adding videos all the time, so do please come back to visit this page.

Addition and Subtraction

1. Addition – Partitioning – No Carrying

2. Addition – Partitioning with Carrying

3. Addition – Column

4. Addition – Column with Decimals

5. Addition – Alternative Method – Least Significant Figure

6. Subtraction – using partitioning with no decomposition

7. Subtraction using Partitioning with decomposition

8. Subtraction – column

9.Subtraction – Column with Decimals


Multiplication and Division

1. Multiplication – Empty Number Lines and Arrays

2. Multiplication – Grid Method

3. Multiplication – Expanded Method

4. Multiplication – Short Method

5. Multiplication – Decimals

6. Multiplication x by 10 x by 100

7. Division – Empty Number Line and Arrays

8. Division – Chunking

9. Divison – Chunking with Remainders

10. Division – Drop Down Method

11. Division – Drop Down Method with Remainders

12. Division – Drop Down Method with Remainders as Fractions

13. Division – Drop Down Method with Remainders as Fractions

14. Division – by 10 and by 100