Art GAllery

Art Gallery

Please take a look at the wonderful art work that has been taking place in Myatt this year.

We are passionate about engaging children’s learning through the arts and encouraging self expression and confidence. Every year each class has an opportunity to work with Karen Vost, our Arts Specialist teacher working on a range of creative projects, community art events, visiting galleries, working with Outreach Artists and taking part in inspiring art lessons.


Take One Picture

Wow! Well done Myatt Garden.  Here are some photo’s of our recent Take One Picture Exhibition.   Your thoughtful work has really been admired.



Art Club – Bubbles

We watched and played with bubbles at art club. We enjoyed collaborating together and sharing our skill and thoughts to draw bubbles together!

Indus Valley Pot Designs

Year 3 have been learning about ancient civilisations. We looked closely at Indus Valley ancient artefacts and made our own pot designs using graphite and soft pastels.