Our Learning: Art, Music & Drama Art

Our learning environment is visually rich, as a tour of our school demonstrates. We celebrate our cultural diversity through our art. The quality of work produced has been widely applauded. In 2004, 2007, 2014 we achieved the Arts Gold Mark. It is a prestigious award given by the Arts Council of England. It rewards schools that show an ongoing commitment to art as well as music, drama and unique creative projects.


Art is a vital and vibrant subject at Myatt Garden. We employ an art specialist who works on different topics and in different forms. We also take part in the National Gallery’s Take One Picture scheme which involves the whole school focusing on one painting for one week. Artwork inspired by the painting is produced using a range of mediums.


At Myatt Garden, we believe music has the ability to act as a powerful form of expression, increasing a child’s confidence, encouraging creativity and providing another space to promote a sense of self-worth.

Each class participates in weekly music sessions and regular singing assemblies with our music specialist, where various styles of music are explored through instrument playing, singing and physical movement. Topics range from Latin American carnivals, African tribal music and Ancient Egyptian drum rhythms, to soundscapes, song composition and Tudor music.

Music has become an integral part of our Christmas and summer productions in which Myatt Garden children are able to apply the musical knowledge they have acquired into performing in front of an audience with confidence and fluency.

Children who express a strong passion for playing instruments or singing have the opportunity to join the school band, where they are given the space to share and develop ideas they may have.

Our Key Stage 2 choir develop techniques such as harmonising, singing in rounds and general musical dynamics. Their tremendous amount of work prepares them to perform at both local and national events such as the Year 6 Production, International Evening, Turning of the Year and Young Voices.

We value the importance of integrating the arts at Myatt Garden and strive to provide our children with a variety of approaches to learning concepts taught within the classroom.


Drama is incorporated into a range of subjects including literacy, history and geography, encouraging the children’s self-expression and building confidence.

  • Every child in KS1 takes part in the Christmas production
  • Every summer, Year 6 stage a musical supported by our KS2 choir. Recent productions have included Blues Brothers, Mamma Mia, Hairspray and Annie.