Our Learning – Numeracy, Science & DT


A daily numeracy lesson takes place in every class in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This provides children with a balance of teaching which focuses on:

  • counting and understanding numbers
  • knowing and using number facts
  • written and mental calculation methods
  • understanding shapes – properties, position, movement
  • measuring- angles, time, mass, length etc
  • handling, processing and interpreting data

As the children move up through the school they will develop their maths vocabulary and learn through games and investigations. They work with calculators, on computers and with a wide range of mathematical apparatus.

The art of ‘problem solving’ will underpin the whole numeracy curriculum and make the maths as real and as relevant to the children’s lives as possible.


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There are four main areas of work in science

  • Scientific investigation
  • Life and living processes
  • Materials and their properties
  • Physical processes

Children need to relate scientific discovery to their daily lives. They are encouraged to explore and investigate as well as build and test their theories. As their literacy and numeracy skills develop, their ability to record and review their work also increases.

Design Technology

From bread making to bridges, design and technology at Myatt is all about creative problem solving. It helps develop many  important  skills and allows children to use their imagination to bring learning to life!

At Myatt we teach design and technology in a creative environment. Our children think, plan and create and are enthusiastic about  communicating their ideas.