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We are the Junior Travel Ambassadors

What we do

The role of a JTA is to encourage a greener approach to transport.  We are responsible for promoting active travel like walking, cycling or scooting and supporting alternative methods of travel to the car wherever possible.  We want to see more of our friends and fellow pupils walking to school.  Fewer cars making the journey to and from school means less congestion and improved air quality around our school.  Not only does this make for a safer and healthier environment for everyone in our school community but pupils are more energetic and better prepared to participate throughout the school day.  Another big concern for us, is safety on the road and we will be seeking to raise awareness of road safety and improving the safety on the roads outside our school.  Alongside Miss Kenneally we will be conducting surveys, giving talks, running competitions, projects and schemes.

Our Aims

The aims of the Junior Travel Ambassadors are:

  • To encourage our friends and fellow pupils to walk to school;
  • To raise awareness of road safety;
  • To suggest new ways to make the area around the school safe for everyone;
  • To promote independent travel to our Year 6 pupils and show them how to use the TFL Journey Planner so they are ready for their journey to secondary school.