Our School Council is here to make Myatt Garden an even safer and happier place, not only from their perspective but from everyone’s perspective and with everyone’s help.  That is why we try and talk to lots of different children, so that we can share a big range of views at School Council meetings.



All children in KS2 can stand to be a member of School Council. They have to make  a speech to their class, saying what issues they think are important, as well as why they would make a good representative.  Every class will then choose one boy and one girl who they thought were sensible, could share ideas and speak up for students.  That’s how we got elected to be school council members!  You can see who we are here: School Council Members


This year our School Council has identified a number of projects that they are organising.

This is what we’ve focused on so far:

We all think that we should take care of our planet and not waste valuable resources or cause unnecessary pollution. We spoke to everyone in whole school assembly to introduce two new recycling projects.

Recycling batteries

Every child has been given a battery box to take home. Ask an adult to help you find old batteries and put them in the box. When you have lots of old batteries, bring them to school and take them to Ms Kerr. When the big battery bin is full, she will arrange for all the batteries to collected and taken to a specialist recycling centre.

Together, we can stop the chemicals from batteries leaking into land and our waterways.

Recycling old pens

We have joined a terra-cycle scheme where we can  recycle old pens and reduce plastic pollution. The pens are made into watering cans and garden furniture. Hunt around at home and bring in all your old pens.  It doesn’t matter if the lids are missing… we want them all!

For every pen that we collect, school will receive 1p.

School council have made a recycling pen box for each class. Bring in your old pens, put them in your class box and let Ms Kerr know when the box is full. When we have LOADS of pens, Ms Kerr will send them off to be recycled.

Supporting our community

We want to support people who need our help and decided to bring a bit of happiness to families in need this Christmas. By asking every class to fill a box with specific food, we will work with the Big Red Box project and help families in South East London. Our target is to fill 18 boxes, but we need your help. Look out for the food lists on the door of your classroom and sign up to say what you can bring for your class box. When they are full, Ms Kerr will take them to the distribution centre.

Red Box Update! 

Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously to our Red Box Project.  Every class was amazing!

We had so much food that School Councillors had to empty every box, sort the food and repack each box, so they all had the 20 food items on the list, but no more.  We managed to fill 20 whole boxes and had 3 huge bags of extra food to donate to the centre.



Playground Visit

On Friday 15th February, School Council visited Kender School, to learn more about their OPAL playtimes.  We had lunch with their School Council, asked questions about their playground, then went out to enjoy lunchtime play.  We had a great time and particularly loved the tyres, the crates and water.

We also loved the fact that children could move equipment to any part of the playground, as long as they tidied it away at the end of play.

We’ll be having some discussions after half term to decide what action we’d like to take to make playtimes even more fun.