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Thank you so much for your lovely feedback on our ‘Reach for the Stars’ video last week. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it and every time it lifts my spirits and makes me smile!

What’s happening at Myatt Garden

There has been lots of stories about schools in the news in the last week as more children return to school. In line with the government’s guidelines we have prioritised our key worker groups and the younger year groups, taking a very cautious and measured approach to wider opening.

On Monday:

  • We will be continuing to support our key workers groups;
  • Year 1 will be returning in three bubbles;
  • Nursery will be welcoming back their children for a week each.

The following week:

Due to a reduction in staffing levels and space

  • Reception bubbles will be returning for 2 weeks each on the 22nd June;
  • Year 6 bubbles will also be returning for alternate weeks until the end of term.

Although everything will be different, we will be working hard to support all of these children as they return, alongside maintaining the quality home learning and Seesaw we have been providing for those children still learning at home. However, as more teachers will now be in school, we will be beginning to use more of our talented teaching assistants to respond to the children’s posts on Seesaw. Seesaw will be checked once a day and staff will prioritise acknowledging the work submitted! Teachers will be less visible on Seesaw.

We will also be working hard over the next few weeks to develop resources that will support all of our pupils transition into the new school year. We want all of our children to be excited about their new class, teacher and curriculum.

Whilst the government is making plenty of sweeping statements about all children being back in September, we have yet to hear any detailed plans. Who knows what is in store, clearly something will need to change as under present guidelines getting everyone back into school just won’t be possible! We will be doing everything that we can, to make the return of all our students a reality, but as always this will depend on the guidelines that are produced. Watch this space!!!

Celebrity Supply Teachers

A host of famous faces are now delivering fun-filled lessons to children in lockdown from the comfort of their own homes.  Each celebrity brings a passion for their subject and an insight from their own experiences. Geri Horner gives tips on creative writing, Gary Lineker teaches Spanish, Tim Peake discusses the science of space rockets, Kelis shares her cookery tips and Marcus Rashford teaches PE.

In Tuesday’s episode, world famous journalist Martin Bashir took a break from reporting on the big stories and interviewing top names to teach a history lesson about something very personal to him. He revealed why Martin Luther King Jnr is his hero from history, why he is inspired by him every day and how we can all learn from his fight against racial inequality in the 1960s.

You can find all of these lessons at:

Black Lives Matter

Following the death of George Floyd, there has been a huge increase in discussion about racism and how it still plagues us. Many people have been asking the world to wake up and work towards real change. We have had a number of requests from families to share some resources to help them discuss issues of racism and inequality at home. It’s incredibly important that we have conversations with our children about race and racism and children’s books are a great starting point to do just that.

Here are the links to books that didn’t work in last week’s email.  There are lots of ideas here and here.  These books all aim to help parents and children learn more about race and racism, to be able to have the ability to identify racial injustice and stand up against it.  Please additional books here which may be of interest: BOOK LIST





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