Art Project: Frida Kahlo

As part of our aim to provide varying challenges for children across the school, we are launching a new art project for the summer term.

In Key Stage Assemblies this week we will be introducing all students to the life and work of Frida Kahlo. We will then be inviting the children to respond by coming up with their own pieces of art which will eventually be displayed in the Canopy Room.

Children do not have to take part if they don’t want to, but we will be encouraging all our passionate artists to get involved.

This will be an extra-curricular activity, not worked on within class. We are hoping parents and carers will get involved in their child’s art work, but where time and resources might not be available, we will also be offering children the chance to work on their art work within Karen’s art club and at weekly lunch time sessions in Miss Corker’s room.

Children who wish to take part will need to produce one piece of art work for the display. They are of course welcome to make more and then pick their favourite effort to bring in. This can be a painting, drawing, sculpture or whatever they are inspired to make!

Work can be submitted as soon as they are ready, with the final submission date on Friday 7th June (the Friday after half term).  Please bring works of art to Miss Corker’s classroom (Y1).

Children will have the opportunity to visit the ‘exhibition’ during the following week and parents will be able to come and have a look after school on Friday 14th June, from 3.45 to 4.15pm.

We look forward to seeing what the children come up with!

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