Coronovirus/COVID 19: Update

Thank you for your ongoing support as we steer our way through this unprecedented and ever changing situation. At the time for writing we have no new news with regard to closures, however I would like to assure all families that we will be providing home learning if the schools are closed. Whilst some schools have already closed, thanks to the wonderful team that work at Myatt Garden, we are still able to teach classes and have managed staff absence ‘in-house’ so far.

The latest guidance issued by the government means that

  • any child with a cough and / or fever will now have to stay off school for 14 days
  • any child who lives with anyone else who has a cough and / or fever also now has to stay off school for 14 days.

I appreciate that this is not easy for anyone, but it is critical that we all follow this advice in order to slow down / prevent the spread of this virus.  For those children who are already home from school, some ideas for home learning can be accessed from the home page on the school website at:

More detailed work will be coming via ParentPay if / when we close.

Please note before and after school clubs will continue as normal.

Some children have been reporting that their hands are sore due to the amount of washing that they are doing. In order to help, we are happy for a hand cream/vaseline product, clearly labelled with the child’s name, to be given to the class teacher who will keep these safe and supervise application.

We have had many families wanting to do something to support those that may find the next few weeks particularly challenging. In light of this, we will be putting a box at the main office, where anyone wishing to donate can place non-perishable food supplies. If you would prefer you can donate to the Myatt Garden Community fund by putting money or a cheque (payable to Myatt Garden School) in an envelope marked Myatt Community Fund and post at the school office desk. Alternatively, email us for details of how to transfer money directly into the fund. The food and money from the Community Fund will be used to directly support our families who are facing particular hardship at this time.

Thank you once again for your support. We will endeavor to keep smiling and keep you informed.

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