Reception & Year 6: NCMP Height and Weight Measurement

September 20, 2021 all-day

For Reception and Year 6 Parents only

All parent/carers will need to read the information below, before making the decision whether they would like their child to OPT-OUT of the height and weights measurement checks. Reception and Year 6 children will be automatically measured unless the parent/carer specifies they do not want their child to be measured. 

If they DO NOT want their child be measured they will need to either print the OPT-OUT part of the letter (page 3) or ask the school office to do so and hand back in time for our team to collect on the day of the measurements. 

Reception – Year 6 – Height and Weight Checks

NCMP_Pre-measurement_Leaflet_for_Parents__School_height_and_weight_measurements 21-22

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