Year 1: Stratford Discovery Story Centre – Ms Morgan/Morkus class only

Ms Morgan/Morkus Class Only

As part of our topic World of Books we are going to visit the wonderful Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford and go to the Julia Donaldson exhibition as well as take part in a creative writing workshop on Thursday 8th March.

We are asking for a voluntary contribution of £5 per child. At Myatt Garden, we are committed to providing trips and events for the children; however, due to pressures on the school budget, we can only do so with your contributions. Please give your contribution in a named envelope to your class teacher or TA by Monday 5th March. If your child qualifies for Pupil Premium, your contribution will be covered by funding we receive. You can check your child’s entitlement either with their class teacher or the school office.

Please inform the school of any relevant medical or other special circumstance affecting your child, including any treatment required during the visit.

Children will need a packed lunch in a backpack or other hands free bag. Please follow the school rules for packed lunches of no nuts, sweets or fizzy drinks. If you would like to order a school pack lunch, please let us know by signing up in the classrooms. We will automatically order a school packed lunch for all children in receipt of Free School Meals. Please note your child will still need a hands free bag.

Children will need to arrive at school early that day. Please make sure you’re at school for 9am prompt.

Each class will need parent helpers on the day. Please sign up on the classroom doors if you’re able to accompany your child on the day.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to your class teacher/TA.

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