FOMG: Order your Myatt Garden Christmas Trees by FRIDAY

Sunday was the first collection of our Myatt Garden Christmas trees and wreaths. We had a wonderful day meeting and greeting our lovely families and neighbours who were full of the joys of Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who jumped on board early and got to grips with the new online ordering system. All proceeds from the Christmas sales will support the children of Myatt Garden.

Friday will be your final opportunity to purchase a tree from us.

Please go to:  where you can order your tree. Remember to book a delivery or collection before you check out, and leave your delivery address and telephone number in the messages. 

Unfortunately we have now sold out of wreaths.

Important – Please place your order by Friday 5th December, to ensure delivery on Sunday 13th December.

If you would like to see some of our happy customers please go to our facebook page and follow us for more Christmas merriment at: (all photos have been approved for Facebook and social media by the parents present and in the photos).

And finally, a big Christmas thank you to our elf helpers, Naomi & Matt Davies, Sue and Mr Loddon, Sarah Conway, Selena Mirams and Andy Heald.

Merry Christmas & thank you,

Noreen (Chair, Friends of Myatt Garden) & Frances (Parent Volunteer).

For enquiries email:


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