Important Information for Parents: 25.6.20

We now have our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 bubbles all in school, alongside our key worker groups. It’s been lovely to see their smiles and hear their laughter. After the government’s recent announcements, we are anticipating all of our children back in September in bubbles of 30! We will let you know more when we receive more guidance.

End of Year
We will be contacting you soon to share our plans for the last few days of term. All of our bubbles will finish on the Thursday or Friday of the W/E 17th July. We will then invite small groups of children, who have not returned to school, in for short meetings to meet their teacher in the playground. This will enable them to reflect on their year and say goodbye, whilst being introduced to their teacher for next year.

Well-being resources
Whilst we have all experienced lockdown, we have all experienced it in different ways and found different things hard. For most of us there have been good times, tricky times, frustrations and opportunities. None of us were prepared, but I have no doubt we have all learnt from it.
An organisation that we work with have shared some resources you may wish to use with your children – they focus on helping them think about how important it is to look after ourselves and others during these challenging times.

You can find out more at: CUES-Ed Parent Guide

During this time, we know parenting can be a real struggle. Try these simple tips and tricks, formulated by researchers and NHS mental health experts, which are backed by science and proven to work with families. They have also produced eight short films (all under a minute) covering topics like keeping positive and motivated, getting your child to follow instructions and how to limit conflict. You can find them at:


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