Information for Families: 01.10.21

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you have all had a good week – I know that our Year 6 have! They went off to the Windmill Hill PGL centre for 3 days of fun and adventure! They have all had an amazing time – abseiling, raft-building, flying through the air on a giant swing and zip-wire and all topped off with camp-fires and night-time hunts.  If you want to see more of what they have got up to, have a look at the Year 6 Our Learning page on the school website here:    A massive thank you to Ms Kerr, Ms Morgan, Ms Brocklebank, Ms Griffiths and Tom who kept smiling and encouraging, despite limited sleep!!  It’s a huge responsibility and commitment and we are very lucky that we have teachers prepared to take children away on these important residential experiences.

Black History Month

Black History Month starts today and we will be celebrating the culture, history and achievements of black and ethnic majority communities throughout October. This morning, we held a special assembly and discussed why it is important to celebrate Black History Month (BHM) and how our school community will be celebrating.

The theme of BHM this year is ‘Proud to be ….’ and we will be encouraging all children to feel proud of who they are.

During October, we will be learning about Black British history in each year group, and reinforcing that black history IS British history; since Roman times, black communities have made huge contributions to British society, but have been excluded from our history books.  Each class will be contributing to a timeline of black British history at the end of the month and we will come together as a school to share our learning.

Photographer visit reminder

The school photographer will be visiting Myatt Garden on Wednesday 6th October to take the children’s photos. Please note that due to COVID restrictions we will only be doing individual photo’s – there will be no sibling photos this year.

A few reminders

Punctuality – last year, in order to avoid congestion at the gate, all classes had a 10 min slot at both the beginning and end of the day. This is no longer the situation. KS2 children now start at 9am prompt and KS1 and nursery children at 9.15am. All children should be collected at 3.25pm. Please make sure your child is in school in time to be at the classroom at the correct time and that you are in school ready to collect them at 3.25pm.

Packed lunch – whilst we are happy for children to have a biscuit snack in their packed lunch box, please remember no chocolate bars or sweets.

Messages at end of day – the office is a busy place, but we are always willing to help out. However, we have recently had a huge increase in calls involving getting messages to children at the end of the day. We know that occasionally emergencies happen and arrangements change, but this should be minimal. Please try to ensure your child is clear about arrangements after school when they leave home in the morning.

Food containers – there are still a small number of plates/containers in the office that were left after the 50th party. Any not collected by the end of next week will be recycled.

School Census Reminder

The school census will take place on Thursday next week. This is a really important day which will inform future funding for our school. It is therefore really important that all families that are entitled, whatever year group they are in, claim Free School Meals. This provides the school with additional funding which we can use to support children’s learning.

Your child can get free school meals if your combined annual household income is below £16,190 (as assessed by HMRC) and you get one of the following benefits:

  • income-based: income support or jobseeker’s allowance (not eligible if on contribution-based jobseeker’s allowance);
  • income-related: employment support allowance (not eligible if on contribution-based employment support allowance);
  • universal credit;
  • income support;
  • the guaranteed element of state pension credit;
  • support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999;
  • child tax credit only;

You can apply at:  

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