Information for Families: 12.3.21

It’s been the most glorious week. Having the children back in school has been such an uplifting experience for all of us – they have breathed life back into all parts of our building and nothing makes us smile more than hearing the yelps, laughter and excitement from the playground on a windy day!  I hope it’s been equally glorious for you!

We have made this a special week for all classes, choosing learning that has whilst not focusing on ‘lockdown’ has allowed children space / time to reconnect, allowed then to re-establish routines and relationships and to feel safe and successful back in school.

Please be assured that we have given great consideration to our next steps and approaches as we move into the rest of the school year. It is crucial that we balance the demands of children that have returned to class with such different experiences over the last 8 weeks – rebuilding self-confidence, providing appropriate levels of challenge and making them feel proud.

Whilst we know that it will be a little while before we notice any change in figures because of children being back in school, the current infection rate in Lewisham is down to 19.9. This is an amazing number thanks to everyone’s hard work following the restrictions.

The biggest risk at the moment feels like the end of the school day when lot of adults are in the same location. Please help us by maintaining the 2m distance from other adults. This can be achieved by waiting across the road until your pick-up time and then standing 2m apart as you wait in line at the gate.

Please continue to stick to the guidance out of school and hopefully we will all be moving towards ‘normal’ very soon.

Rapid Testing
Local councils in England are offering a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) test to people who do not have symptoms.

Around 1 in 3 people have coronavirus without displaying any symptoms, therefore regular testing for people with no symptoms will help to find positive cases earlier and break chains of transmission.

These ‘rapid lateral flow tests’ are free and you get a result 30 minutes after taking the test. They are now available for people without coronavirus symptoms who are part of a household with primary, secondary and college-age children and young people, including childcare and support bubbles.  Rapid tests have been really successful in identifying those who have coronavirus with no symptoms, which helps stop the spread of the virus and prevents outbreaks.

You can access rapid testing twice a week:
1. Get tested at one of our rapid test sites in Catford, Downham, Deptford or Sydenham. You can book a rapid test in advance or check the website for walk-in slots that may be available.
2. Collect rapid tests from a local testing centre to do at home:
• Vanguard Street car park, Vanguard St, Deptford
• Molesworth car park, Molesworth St, Lewisham

Families that qualify for FSM will be receiving a voucher for the Easter holidays. These are no longer funded by the government, but have been made available by Lewisham council.

Red Nose Day
Our wonderful School Council have organised a Comic Relief event for next Friday. We’ve kept it very simple so that everyone who wants to can join in – no need to buy anything special!!! The school council will be sending out more information on Monday.

Travel Survey
A reminder to all families to please complete the travel survey we sent out this week. You only need to complete one on behalf of your family and it takes less than 2 mins.  The more families that complete the survey, the more accurate our information which will be used to help us look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint in the future.

Our nursery is short of wellies!! These are really useful when it rains and children want to splash in puddles, etc. If your children have outgrown their wellies, please drop them off at the nursery gate and we will put them to good use once they have been quarantined! We are particularly short of sizes 8 – 12.


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