Information for Families: 15.1.21

I hope you are all staying well. I am so proud of our families, you are doing an awesome job of juggling work, home learning and childcare.

It has been great to see the amount of lovely work that children across the school have been posting this week – from creative dragons in Year 3 to fabulous Ice Trap! Work in Year 6 to ‘The Snail and the Whale’ in Year 1.  At Myatt Garden we’ve certainly been around the world and back this week.

If you want to see more, please join us on Twitter:@MyattGarden

It’s a great way to stay connected with the local community during lockdown.  At Myatt, we’re using it to show off the fabulous work that children are completing, both at home and in the bubbles in school. Reception have had their baking skills celebrated by Paul Hollywood, Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin and Year 5 have had an amazing video message from author Tony Bradman, who wrote their class book!


School will be closed for an INSET day on Friday 29th January.

We will be working with a virtual visiting speaker to develop our work on further diversifying Myatt Garden’s curriculum so that it better reflects, celebrates and responds to the community we serve.

COVID Update

The infection rate in Lewisham has risen to 1080, with an 8.3% rise in cases this week. Lewisham’s Public health team have reported that there are now a wider range of outbreaks across the borough, with many people testing positive who are experiencing headaches and cold like symptoms.  PLEASE follow the rules and keep your interactions outside of the home to a minimum. Your children should not be having play-dates and you should only be using childcare bubbles as an absolute last resort, not as an opportunity to socialise.  We all want schools to re-open and it is your actions in the community that will help the number of cases to reduce for this to happen.


It was lovely to see so many of you on our live assemblies this week. These will happen at the same time every week with one change.

Tuesday                                             Wednesday

Year 6 – 9.30am                                 Year 3 – 9.30am

Year 5 – 10am                                     Year 2 – 10am

Year 4 – 10.30am                               Year 1 – 10.30am

The link for these sessions have been emailed to all parents.

Early Years will also be meeting on Friday’s every week with Reception and then Nursery.

These are great opportunities for the children to see each other and still feel part of the school community. They are not compulsory, but we hope that more children will join each week. Please note that we will only be able to let you into the meeting if your device is clearly labelled with your child’s name. This is a safeguarding issue and ensures that we keep everyone safe in the meeting, by knowing who we are letting in. We are also not able to record the meeting, as we do not have permission from everyone attending.


There has been much in the media this week about the hampers being provided to Free School Meal children. We were initially told that for the 2 week closure we would be provided with food hampers and if we bought food vouchers the cost would not be reimbursed. As Chartwells were unable to provide hampers at such short notice in week 1, we purchased and distributed Asda vouchers for our families. For this week food hampers provided lunches for each child for 5 days.

Yesterday the DfE changed its guidance and we are now able to purchase vouchers each week for the remainder of this half-term, which we know the majority of our families would prefer. We will be providing Edenred online vouchers from next week, however the time-scale will not be confirmed until next week.

Local support available

Feed the Hill is a local community resource on Telegraph Hill which allows families to do a weekly shop for £2.

Please see leaflet here: Feed the Hill – social supermarket 

or follow the link for more details here:

More information on local food banks can also be found at:

As always, we are here to help, if you would like support accessing any of these resources or would like help on any other matter please call us and ask for Orlaine on: 020 8691 0611 or email:


We received 19 laptops from the government last week to help families that were struggling to access remote learning. In addition, we re-purposed a number of the school laptops in order to be ready to help when needed. We would love to be able to provide one for every individual child that does not have one, but this is currently impossible. We have prioritised ensuring all families have a device to use and know that many families are sharing devices.

If you or your work place, have laptops or tablets available for us to donate, please email us at: Devices need to be less than 5 years old, but we would love to find them a new home.

Online safety

With children being indoors more and spending more time online, it is really important that we are keeping them safe. Children may ask for your login details or borrow devices to download or access apps. It is important to set up parental controls and password-protect your devices.  Older children may set up new social media profiles to keep in touch with friends, family or peers. Again, it is important to set privacy and security settings on social media to prevent personal information being shared with strangers. We recommend a condition of allowing your child to access any social media is regular checking of their phone.

With children using new apps to communicate during the pandemic, it’s important that parents and carers continue to have regular conversations with children about what they are doing online and what social networks, apps and games they are using. You should listen to any worries or anxieties your children may have and let them know they can always come to them about anything.

The NSPCC website has advice for parents on:

  • screen time
  • livestreaming and video apps
  • and social media safety.

You may also find advice about inappropriate or explicit content helpful.

Stay safe everyone.




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