Information for Families: 19.3.21

COVID Update

As expected with schools returning and more households mixing on the streets, the infection rate, although still relatively low has gone up slightly. It is currently 28.4 in Lewisham – the biggest percentage rise (up 42.6%) in any London borough this week. The overall London rate is currently 39.4.  I know I keep saying it, but it is really important that we all keep following the rules – this way we will have more chance of successfully moving to the next stage on 29th March where two households can meet outdoors.

From 8th March

You can

 Meet outside with one other person. This means you can now go for a picnic or a coffee outside.

  • Use wraparound childcare if needed for work, learning or appointments.
  • Become a named visitor to someone in a care home.

 You still cannot

  • You must continue to stay at home as much as possible.
  • Meet up with more than one person outside that you don’t live with or who is in your support bubble.
  • Meet up with anyone indoors that is not in your household or support bubble.

 From 29th March (at the earliest)

You can

  • Meet up with others outside as a group of six (rule of six) or as two whole households. You can meet in public places like a park and in private gardens.
  • Take part in outdoor sports or use outdoor leisure facilities.

 You still cannot

  • Travel outside your local area or go on holiday.
  • Mix with others indoors that you don’t live, including in your home.

 We need your help to find pupils from the 70’s

We want to build up some local history resources about our school and to help us, we’re looking for ex-Myatt Garden pupils from the 1970’s.  If you know anyone who went to Myatt or lived in the area in the 1970’s, we would love to speak to them and to hear and capture their memories. We’d also like copies of any photos people may have of Upper Brockley Rd and Rokeby Rd before the school was built, during the build or after.

RAFT Workshop

Year 3 are taking part in the first of three workshops today with RAFT (Retrofit Action For Tomorrow), to explore the fabric and services of the school buildings and develop an appreciation of its history. The day was kicked off by Harry, the architect behind the work, providing an introduction into the project and its aims. The children are spending today:

  • actively looking at the building & recording what they see;
  • researching old photographs/plans/letters & writing/drawing/annotating;
  • presenting and displaying the findings.

This is part of a much bigger project by Lewisham Council to create a zero carbon plan for five schools, one of which is ours!

We were delighted to have been chosen and are looking forward to working with RAFT to further reduce our energy bills and carbon footprint. The proposal aims to engage, educate and empower children and the wider school community to reduce energy and carbon use at school and home.


A reminder that the Census is coming.  The Census is a unique survey that happens every 10 years. It provides a snapshot of all the people and households in England and Wales – the most detailed information about our society. Without this information, it would be more difficult to understand our community’s needs and to plan public services including school places, doctors’ surgeries or cycle lanes. Because these things matter to all of us, we are encouraging everyone to complete the Census.

Census day is Sunday 21st March 2021. You should receive a letter with an access code in the post and you can complete the on-line form as soon as you receive it. Alternatively, you can ask ONS for a paper form to fill in. There is help available over the phone if you or anyone you know needs it, including in a range of languages.   If you need help or have any questions, please visit:


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