Information for Families: 21.5.21

Important message from the Police

Please see letter below from the Safer Schools Partnership following reported suspicious activity around some schools. Please be assured that we have not had any reports at Myatt Garden or the local area.  Suspicious Activity Reports Information for Parents


Whilst the rules are relaxing in the wider world, we are remaining vigilant at Myatt Garden. The infection rate in Lewisham has risen to 18.3 and there are currently a small number of local cases involving the more transmissible variant. Public Health are taking this very seriously and are convinced that there will be another surge in infection. They are encouraging us all to take a very cautious approach.

In line with this we will not be making any changes to our current policies and procedures. Whilst we will keep this under review, we really appreciate the way you have worked with us under the current restrictions. Thank you for your continued support.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Friday 28th May – last day of this half-term
  • Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th June – INSET days
  • Wednesday 9th & Friday 11th – Take One Picture
  • Friday 23rd July – break up for Summer

Myatt Garden is 50!

Myatt Garden is 50 years old! As part of the celebrations, we are looking for any former students/members of staff who might want to be interviewed by our children or send a video message about their time at Myatt.  Also, anyone who has old photos, memorabilia etc. or who lived nearby while the school was being built. It would be especially great if we could find some of the original students from the 1970s.

If you know of anyone who might be able to help us out, please pass on the attached info and/or ask them to email: . I’m also sharing this on Twitter and local Facebook groups so please retweet/share/comment if you see the posts.  We are planning a week of events and activities for the beginning of the Autumn Term.

 Summer Holidays

At present we should only be booking holidays in green list countries. The government guidance states that people should only travel to destinations on its amber list in “exceptional circumstances”.   Myatt Garden re-opens for the children on Friday 3rd September. Please make sure that you build in enough time to allow for any periods of quarantine and still be ready to return to school on time.


Being on time is a skill for life. Due to the current restrictions every year group has a ten minute window. If you are someone that struggles to make it to the gate on time, please aim for the opening, not the closing time to allow for any delays.

School Dinners

The current Lewisham contract for school dinners is currently out to tender. This is now in the final stages and we should know soon who will be providing school dinners in September. 

In the meantime, I have sampled every school dinner on offer this week (a meat or vegetarian option each day or baked potato) and I am delighted to report they have genuinely tasted great. From the tender roast lamb to the lasagna, cheese and tomato pizza to the vegetable roll, chicken curry to vegetarian bolognese.  Each day this has been accompanied by rice, pasta or potatoes, two vegetables, salad and fresh bread.

Jackie, our Chef, is very proud of her cooking, but has to cook the recipes provided by Chartwells. The burger and meatballs on Monday were not such a success and following feedback, Jackie has happily agreed to swap the burger option and tone down the heat of the meatball’s tomato sauce.  I will keep you updated as I continue to investigate.

The menu is available on the school website – next week we will be on Week 3.

Walk to School Week

Well done everyone for embracing walking to school this week. Where 70% of primary school children in the 1970s used to walk to school, this has now dropped to just over half (51%) in the UK. The number of Myatt children that walk to school is always well above this, but across the school this week we have seen levels of active travel increase with 100% of children reporting that they have made an effort this week. We have walked, cycled and scooted our way through the week. Well done Myatt Garden!

FSM Vouchers for half-term

Lewisham have once again agreed to fund FSM vouchers for this half-term. We will be distributing vouchers for £18 per child (includes our previous Bank Holiday) on Wednesday next week at the gate.


Every week I film two assemblies for the children. These have recently covered a whole range of topics including World Earth Day, Asthma Awareness, Ramadan, Fairtrade and mental health. If you don’t hear about them already, please ask your children to tell you about what we have discussed. This is a great opportunity for the children to articulate their learning and discuss issues at home. This week our assemblies focused on Walk to School week and food waste.

Parents Meetings

Thank you to everyone for booking slots for parent meetings. As the date of your meeting approaches, you will get an email confirming your agreed time.

Online Behaviour

We have all probably spent a lot more time online over the last few months. This has also been many children’s experience too. Across the borough there has been a significant increase in incidents related to primary school age children having watched inappropriate sexual content, some reported as young as Year 2.

It is important to talk to children about staying safe online as soon as they start using technology. Children can accidentally stumble across pornography either by following links, clicking on adverts or sometimes through typos in their searching. They might also actively look for this content online as they are curious or are unsure what something is or means.  Whichever way a child accesses this type of content it can leave them feeling shocked, disgusted or worried and it may prompt questions about sex and relationships.

You can find out more at:



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