Information for Families: 26.3.21

Thank you for all your continued support over the last three weeks as the children have returned to school. Our pupils have been so excited to be back, loving being with their friends and keen to embrace face-to-face learning.  As expected we have also seen many children finding the transition difficult. After so long off school, it is completely natural for children to feel anxious about returning and this can be displayed in many ways. We are working hard to support children relearn the rules, manage their ‘physicality’ and re-establish emotional connections with their friends.

If you are noticing changes in your children’s behaviour e.g. reluctance to try new things, lashing out, worrying at bedtime, emotional outbursts there is lots of helpful advice at:

Please remember, we are also here to offer support and advice. You can contact us at: or call on 020 8691 0611.

Easter Break

Our last day of school this term will be Wednesday next week (31st March). School will finish at the normal time.  We will be returning to school on Monday 19th April.

COVID update

The current infection rate in Lewisham is 29.4 compared to 35.8 in London.  Please make sure that you notify us of any confirmed cases over the Easter break. Please email us at: with the following information:

  • Name of child
  • Class
  • Date when symptoms started
  • Date when confirmed test result received

As we approach 29th March (Monday) we are all hopeful that we will be eased into the next stage and be able to enjoy the lifting of some restrictions.

You will be able to:

  • Meet up with others outside as a group of six (rule of six) or as two whole households. You can meet in public places like a park and in private gardens.   
  • Take part in outdoor sports or use outdoor leisure facilities.  For example, this means you can play tennis, basketball and use outdoor swimming pools.     

But still can’t:

  • Travel outside your local area or go on holiday.  
  • Mix with others indoors that you don’t live, including in your home.

Play-dates and Sleep-overs

I have been made aware of a few families organising both play-dates and sleep-overs. Whilst I understand the desire, it is crucial that we are all abiding by the rules. We are having to make so many adjustments in school in order to maintain bubbles and enable children to socially distance as much as possible and we need you to do your part outside of school.

Even from 12th April (the next milestone) you cannot:

  • Mix with others indoors that you don’t live with either in your home or a public indoor place.
  • Meet up as more than a group of six, or two households.

School Street

I hope you saw yesterday’s email regarding the launch of our School Street straight after Easter on Monday 19th March. We are really excited that this will be operating between 8.30 – 9.45am and 2.45 – 4.00pm each day.

Parent /Carer Survey

If you haven’t done it already, please take a few minutes to complete our annual survey Despite everything that we have all been through this year, we are still committed to continual improvement in light of feedback from you, the pupils and staff. The information you provide us with is important in helping us evaluate our practice and decide on our priorities for next year.


A polite reminder to avoid bringing dogs to school at drop off or collection. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  • Some children are scared of dogs.
  • Others are fascinated by dogs, but need to understand that not all dogs are approachable. This is hard to manage at the school gate.


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