Information for Families: 28.5.21

As we approach the final half term, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support. I think we are all understandably ground down by the current restrictions and are keen to get things back to normal. Please bear with us, we will be continuing to follow national and local guidance as we navigate the final few weeks of the summer term.

I have attached a letter below, regarding the notification of confirmed cases where symptom onset/positive test occurs within 48 hours of the child last being in school and travel arrangements.

Letter for families May half term


Please remember Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th June are both INSET days. Children will be returning to school on Wednesday 9th June.

Parent Survey

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete this year’s parent survey. We have collated the responses slightly differently this year, using your scores to provide a numerical average. We have attached below a summary of your feedback and will be producing an information sheet and action plan in response.

2021 Parent Survey Feedback

School Dinners

I have continued to sample school dinners every day this week – chickpea curry, vegetarian sausages, chicken breast burger, macaroni chees, roast turkey, vegetable pie, lamb Bolognese, cheese and tomato pizza, fish fingers and quorn dippers. This week I have also been encouraging children to try a sample of dishes that they have not chosen and have even converted a few to Jackie’s delicious chickpea and potato curry!! The meals have continued to be really tasty and as a result of feedback, Jackie will be trying her best to brown the vegetarian sausages and serve the gravy separately. All of the other meals have had a positive response.

I have also had a productive meeting with Chartwells this week who have increased their quality assurance to now include taking photos of each service. We have a number of plans including giving the children the opportunity to try taster pots and a parent tasting in the Autumn term. We will share more information after half term.

Packed Lunch

Please remember that chocolate bars are not permitted in packed lunch boxes. We encourage a healthy balance of foods e.g. sandwich, carrot sticks, yogurt, banana and a biscuit/small cake.

You can find more ideas here:

Book Trust Resources

If you need some ideas to keep your children entertained this half term why not head over to the Book Trust website:!?q=&sortOption=MostRecent&pageNo=1 

You’ll find a wide range of fun reading activities.

Half Term Ideas

Saturday May 29 – Sunday June 6

Tickets: £5 (under 3s are free)

Tickets may be purchased in advance online at …or at Kirkdale Bookshop, 272 Kirkdale, Sydenham SE26 4RS in person or by phone 020 8778 4701 (Mon-Sat 9.30-5pm).

  • Or try out the National Maritime Museum. It is offering free workshops that explore the ways sailors kept their spirits up and their moods positive through activities promoting wellbeing. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Please Note: Free tickets. £1 non-refundable booking fee applicable to bookings online and over the phone.

These include:

Folklore at Sea: Tales, Songs and Facts

Date: Sunday 30 May        Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Join Olivia for an interactive storytelling session for the whole family. With sea-bound folktales and stories of life on board ship, explore how sailors kept busy and kept their spirits up whilst away from home.

Sea Shanty: Spin Drum & Tambourines

Date:  Tuesday 1 June      Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Music, singing and entertainment kept homesick sailors’ spirits up! Create your own spin drum with artist Charlotte, and discover how they are used as part of sea shanties.

Explorers: Sailing the Polar Seas

Date:  Thursday 3 June     Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Inspired by polar exploration, join storyteller Dani and work as a family to create your own story to keep you entertained on a long sea voyage into the ice!

Sailors: A Day on Board Ship

Date:  Sunday 6 June        Time: 10.30am | 12pm | 2pm | 3.30pm

Sea travel was slow and often sailors could be away for years. They needed a way to keep entertained and playing games with others on board was the solution. Come along and create your own game that you can take away to play at home. 

Hopefully the sun will keep shining and we are all able to enjoy some relaxing days ahead!

See you back at school on Wednesday 9th June!

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