Information for Families: 29.1.21

It’s been quite a week! We had to close our first bubble on Tuesday and we all learnt on Wednesday that school’s will remain closed until the 8th March at the earliest. Closing the bubble reminded us all that despite the level of infection moving in the right direction, the virus is out there and we need to remain vigilant. It underlines the need for us all to keep following the rules so that we are able to re-open at the earliest possible date. We all believe that children should be in school and please be assured we will be ready, willing and very able when we have a confirmed date.

In the meantime, we understand that this news makes a tough time for families even tougher!  In light of this I want to underline our message to you at home. Whilst the government requires us to provide 3 hours learning for every KS1 pupil and 4 hours for KS2, every family is different. Your circumstances will be different to others and will be affected by work and family commitments, health issues, available space, the internet and devices available, number of children at home and last but not least, your children’s attitude to learning. We know that you want the very best for your children. So, please remember that you know your child(ren) best and therefore you are best placed to make decisions about what is important on any one day and what is ‘doable’. Your best is good enough and we understand.

In an ideal world we would like every child to complete the reading, writing and maths activity to the best of their ability (and as independently as they can) each day. Some of you will be able to do more, some will do all of the learning on offer and some may not be able to achieve these tasks at all. If it’s hard one day, please ease off and then go again. Have honest conversations with your child(ren), if it’s all getting too much and perhaps construct a plan/timetable for the next day together – getting their buy in can work wonders.

COVID Update

The infection rate continues to fall and is now at 473 per 100, 000. 18% of people tested in Lewisham are positive and the R rate in London is thought to be below 1 for the first time for weeks. Let’s keep up the good work.

Changes to Remote Learning

We are making a couple of changes to our remote learning offer in response to feedback and to try to help busy families managing learning at home.

From next week:

  • On Wednesday afternoons all year groups will be provided with the same music lesson and PE lesson so that all children can do the learning together with the minimum of adult input;
  • Friday afternoons will be for watching the school assembly and catching up on any unfinished tasks they may wish to complete. You may want to use this time as a motivator for your child. Label it as ‘golden time’ and if they have applied themselves well (this will look different for every child) to their learning in the week/ achieved an agreed target at the beginning of the week, then this is their time to follow their own interests and hobbies.

Support for Parents

We can’t open our doors to all of the children, but we are really keen to help you get through this as best you can. Orlaine McDonald (Pastoral Support and Learning Mentor) and Jen Ingham (SENCO) will be hosting a virtual coffee morning for anyone who is struggling right now and would like an opportunity to discuss/share ways to cope with stress, anxiety and home learning.   This will take place via zoom on Thursday 4th February 2021 at 10am.  Details on how to join the meeting has been sent to all parents via email.

Mental Health Week

Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week and we will be embracing this at Myatt Garden.  This year’s theme is ‘Express Yourself’ more details and information can be found here: Children’s Mental Health Week

More wellbeing activity ideas for families can be found at:


Today all staff will be engaged in a day looking at diversity in our curriculum. Although the day will be virtual, we will be working with Shalina Patel, an award winning teacher, to look at racial literacy, how we can decolonise our curriculum, exploring good resources and then using this to plan for the summer term.

 Free resources you might like to try

If you haven’t tried these, here are some great websites your child might enjoy:

Please look after yourself. We have a minimum of 4 weeks more remote learning ahead of us, so please be the tortoise, not the hare, steady progress, taking one day at a time!



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