Information for Families: 4.1.21

Work for each year group will be available on Seesaw from the 5.1.21.

You will have already received an email with a handy ‘Seesaw Getting Started’ guide to using Seesaw and a code to use if you have not logged on already. You do not need to do this again if you have logged on before.

We have reflected on feedback from the last lockdown, compared systems and used the government advice and criteria to inform our remote learning offer.

You can expect
• Daily learning posted by 9am every day;
• 2 videos from staff to introduce the day and provide a short taught session;
• A range of learning each day:
o One reading activity
o One maths activity (White Rose – video link and worksheet)
o One literacy activity
o One foundation subject – Science, geography, history, art etc.
• Online feedback from staff on your child’s work

Please note that we will not be providing paper copies of learning.

Learning at home
We would suggest in order to help your child, that you establish a ‘school day’ feel at home with a routine following the order in the list above with short breaks in between.

During this closure, we are expecting ALL children to complete the set work on line. Participation will be monitored by staff and we will be available to help anyone having any difficulties. Please make sure that your child is accessing the current learning and posting responses on the day the work is set.

We would like you to encourage the children to work independently and do their best. These are important life skills and I will be reinforcing this message in my assemblies that will be sent home twice each week.

As we are also running four bubbles for critical workers’ and vulnerable children, this week Ms Mushtaq, Ms Corker, Ms Morgan (Year 4) and Ms Pons will not be visible on Seesaw whilst they are busy each day in school.

As always, we are here to help. Please email your child’s year group ( if you have any queries about learning and: for queries regarding anything else.

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