Information for Families: 7.1.22

I hope you were all able to enjoy the Christmas break and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy and happy new year!

Important COVID update
The current rate of infection in Lewisham remains high despite a slight drop to 1847 in every 100, 000 with R being estimated at somewhere between 1.2 and 1.6.

We are determined to stay open and keep all children learning in class. Currently, the biggest threat to this is staff absence as supply teachers are incredibly scarce. We all need to work together to minimise any risk of infection.

This means
• making sure that you or your child do not come to school if you have any symptoms;
• using regular lateral flow tests;
• wearing masks when you enter the school site and maintaining a distance from all other adults at drop off and pick up;
• only coming into the school building if it is absolutely necessary.

What are we doing in school?
We have reviewed our risk assessments this week. We continue to follow the public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID.

Alongside this we are:

• Keeping windows and doors open throughout the day in all rooms to ensure good ventilation;
• Ensuring regular and thorough hand washing and use of hand gel;
• Only allowing visitors and families to enter the building when absolutely necessary;
• Employing an additional cleaner at midday;
• Asking all staff to wear masks or visors when they cannot maintain distance for a period of time;
• Encouraging all staff to get vaccinated;
• Reducing movement around the classroom as much as possible e.g set seating plan;
• Suspending any trips using public transport.

Please make sure that your child has warm clothes and plenty of layers so that they can stay warm in class. Don’t forget to email or call us to inform us of any positive lateral flow or PCR tests.

We will be keeping these measures under review and may make additional changes should we feel they are needed in the future.

Playground news
We are delighted that we have been able to re-introduce our OPAL playtimes, with children using a wide range of loose parts in a creative and imaginative way. On any day you will see children building dens, dancing, dressing up, playing in the mud kitchen, using sheets of card to slide down the bank, and having LOTS of fun. Our OPAL consultant visited last month and is so impressed with our achievements that we will be hosting Headteachers from other schools to show how amazing playtimes can be. You can help us to be even better.

Share your contacts
We are really keen to build a substantial sand pit for the children in the top playground, but are finding it incredibly difficult to find a reputable builder/carpenter to take on this job. We have the design plans, but need a contractor. If you know of anyone that might be available, please let us know.

Give us your junk
If you are having a clear out after Christmas to make room for new games and toys in your house, please get in touch with us. Ms Kerr would love any toys, dressing-up clothes, wheeled toys or suitcases, old buggies, chairs, pans, music instruments etc. for the playground. Children are incredibly imaginative – your defunct keyboard could be the start of an outdoor office and a piece of old guttering could be part of a huge marble run. If you are throwing anything out, please check with Ms Kerr first:

Free Breakfast
We believe that a healthy, school breakfast can set up children to succeed and give them the very best chance to learn and therefore we are delighted to be a part of the National School Breakfast Programme which is running until Summer 2023.

Myatt Garden will now be offering every child that would like one a free breakfast! Very soon we will be operating a bagel bar for all pupils not attending our breakfast club. They will be able to collect a free bagel or fruit between 08:45 and 09:10 from the school playground.  Our breakfast club provision will continue as normal where we already provide a healthy free breakfast to pupils. There is a daily cost of £3 for the childcare (free to children entitled to pupil premium) will still be charged daily for breakfast club members attending between 08:00 and 08:45.

For more information on the National School Breakfast Programme please visit their website: or contact the school office.

Have a lovely weekend.


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