Information for Families: 8.1.21

School Closure
We are asking everyone who can, to keep their child at home so we can limit any risk of spreading the virus. We know that whilst children have on the whole not suffered when they have had COVID, they are super effective at spreading it in the community. This puts all of our staff, your families and the community at risk. Based on the figures from Lewisham, it is likely that 2/3 people are positive in school this week. We would love to have all of the children back in school, it’s where they should be…. but it’s just not safe at the moment. These are hard times. I understand that many of you are juggling your own work and your child’s learning, as are many of my staff. It is a stressful time for everyone. Many of you will be anxious and finding life tough right now.

We are trying to help in every way we can. We have been continuing to get laptops out to families in need throughout this week, as well as vouchers for all our FSM children and food hampers for next week. We are all having to dig deep in these most difficult of circumstances. Please remember we are here for you and a call to one of us may help to ease the pressure you are feeling.

Critical workers
I am pleading with everyone to try all other options before requesting a critical worker place at school and to re-consider whether there are any options open to them if you have already been given a place. We are trying to limit the children in school for all the reasons already stated and we have a number of vulnerable children that really need to be in school despite the virus.

I know lots of families are having to juggle full-time work and having children at home – it is far from ideal! There is simply no way that we can have all of these children in. If there is any way that you can release a place or avoid asking for a place, I will be better able to meet the needs of others whilst keeping everyone as safe as I can.

Remote Learning
Thank you for the effort you have all put in to get to grips with remote learning. We have had some fabulous feedback about the learning your children are doing, but I’m also aware we still have some wrinkles to iron out! We are trying are very best and know that we will never be able to please everyone. Please bear with us we are only four days in.

Remember that it would be impossible to replicate what we do at school at home. Be kind to yourself as you support your child to do their best. Some children are getting through all of the work and posting it before lunch, others are finding the amount of work overwhelming. The government expects all children to do 3 hours (minimum) learning on line every day. Please prioritise the reading and maths, followed by any writing – we will understand if not all of the learning is completed.

In response to requests, work will now be posted so that it is available from 7am in the morning. This will allow those that want/need to, to scan the work for the day and organise their children before launching into their own work. Assemblies will also be shared via Seesaw next week.

Please note, this week Ms Fenton, Ms Smith, Ms Whelan, Ms Kerr and Ms Tracy will all be in school teaching bubbles.

Zoom Assemblies
Next week I will be hosting a Year group assembly/meet up for each year group so that any children that wish to attend, have the opportunity to see each other and we can maintain the sense of community that is so important in our school. More information and links will be sent out on Monday.

Zoom Choir
With the vast majority of students working at home, there has never been a better time to share the information about the Lewisham Zoooom Choirs see details here: Zoooom Choirs – spring 2021. As they start the new year, the choir will focus on songs which aim to raise spirits and inspire, bringing the joy of singing directly into the children’s homes. The choir is free of charge and open to all children living in or attending school within the borough of Lewisham.

Zoooom Choir will start:
Tuesday 11 January for children in Y2-4 at 4.30pm and Friday 14 January for children in Y5-8 at 4.30pm.

To receive the Zoom link for the sessions, families will need to register at:

Nursery Raffle
Nursery would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Nursery Christmas Raffle by donating amazing prizes, by buying tickets and by encouraging friends and family to buy tickets too. We are overwhelmed to have raised £351.90 which is more than half way there to the woodwork station we are fundraising for! All the winners have been notified and either already have their prizes or have made arrangements to receive them. Thank you for your support!

Please take care of yourselves, follow the rules and stay safe.

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