Information for Families: 9.7.21

COVID Update

We currently have three year groups self-isolating at Myatt Garden – Reception are back to school on Monday, Year 6 on Tuesday and Year 5 on Friday.

As the rest of society is enjoying greater freedom and socialising more, it is unsurprising that the rates of infection are rising in the community. The current rate of infection in Lewisham is 137.1 and is predicted to continue to rise. Thankfully the vaccine seems to be having a dramatic impact on the link between infection and hospitalisation, however with so many more cases out there, it is not surprising that we have had more cases in school.

The media is full of stories about how many children are having to isolate and the rules are changing soon. However, in the meantime we have to follow the existing guidance and close bubbles where children could have had contact. The current advice encourages anyone (whether they have symptoms or not) to take a PCR test. This will allow Public Health to map cases and limit further spread. Please note if you or your child has been identified as a possible contact and told to self-isolate, a negative PCR test does not mean that they can stop isolating!

Gardening Volunteers

We love our allotment. Every year children from Year 1 and Reception go out to the allotment each week and dig, plant, grow and pick! They marvel at the magic of seeds gradually turning into something delicious to eat!  We have been SO lucky to have had Martin, Mima and Hardy, three amazing parents that have regularly volunteered. Their commitment to children gardening has led to us being awarded the level 4 RHS School Gardening Award – see here: RHS_Certificate Award

Sadly, they all have other lives that means that they will be unable to continue next year. Mo (Scarlett’s mum – Year 4) has volunteered but she will definitely need some help on a regular basis. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact us at:

It’s a well-known fact that gardening is great for children and we desperately want to continue to offer this to pupils at Myatt Garden. Children love the great outdoors, the fresh air works wonders for them, and outdoor activities keep them active. Gardening also:

  • brings science learning to life – they can learn about the different species of plants and what those plants need to help them grow. They also get to learn about the different seasons, weather and the affects they have on the plants.
  • offers an opportunity to learn about different animals and insects they might come across.
  • engages all sorts of senses and helps children to develop and recognise them without even realising. They can feel the texture of soil, seeds, flower and petals. They get to smell all the amazing flower scents and see all the colourful petals.
  • is quite physical and requires the body to work hard digging, carrying, lifting, sieving, watering etc.
  • encourages children to eat healthy foods and enjoy them. Growing vegetables not only teaches them the hard work that it takes to grow them, but they get a sense of achievement knowing they are eating food they have grown themselves. It’s good to teach children about the preparation of food too, from harvest to cooking. There are so many valuable lessons they can learn which all help towards encouraging healthier lifestyles moving through their lives.
  • teaches responsibility & patience – growing any sort of plant or vegetable from the seedling or bulb stage requires daily attention and care. Children will quickly learn they get out what they put in. If the plants aren’t regularly watered and taken care of, they won’t flourish.
  • develops social skills – gardening can be a very sociable activity. Children can learn to work together and presents wonderful opportunities for children to bond and help each other look after and nurture their flowers.

Three Dads

I’m delighted to report that our courageous group of dads successfully completed their Wales 3000 challenge last weekend. They finished at 2.30am on Sunday morning after 22.5 hours of walking!! They were pretty exhausted, who wouldn’t be!!!

Residents being harassed

A polite reminder to all friends and families to please not approach any cars driving on Upper Brockley Road. I have been approached by two residents who feel that they are being harassed by parents from our school.  It is important to remember that residents are allowed to drive up the road – I think we can all agree that this is not unreasonable when they live on the road. This means that you must keep a close eye on your children and not let them go too far from you.

PLEASE leave approaching cars to the member of staff on duty in the road.

Sports Week

Next week was due to be our Sports Week with a whole host of special activities, but sadly Sam our sports coach has had to self-isolate.

Whilst we can’t offer the same range of activities without him, every class will have some sport next week – teachers will organise a year group rounders match and each class will have an additional activity from an external provider e.g. street dance, mini-sports. We will move some of Sam’s sporting activities into the final week of school.

Book Fund

If anyone would like to celebrate the end of the year by donating to a Myatt Garden fund for books (see email sent earlier this week), you can donate at: friends-of-myatt-garden-2615

Please pay no attention to the target amount, this has to be there in order to set up the page – we will be delighted with any donations. Please note these can be made anonymously with your child’s current year group in brackets (Year x)


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