Information for Parents: 2.10.20

I would like to assure everyone that we are updated weekly by Lewisham’s Public Health team and are continually reviewing our procedures in light of the recent increase in cases.

We are trying hard to maintain the balance between having rigorous routines in place, whilst ensuring school is still a fun place to be with your friends and engage in exciting learning.

Small things can make a big difference, so a couple of reminders:

Dropping off at the school office

Unless it is urgent, e.g. my child has no lunch, please refrain from dropping things off at the school office. Every item sent in from home, is one more chance of the virus getting into school via surfaces. If your child forgets their book bag or water bottle, please simply send it into school the next day.

Arriving late in the morning

Thank you to everyone for working so hard to ensure that their children are arriving on time at the correct gate. Occasionally we know that extraordinary circumstances will mean that you may miss the 10 min slot allotted to your child’s year group.

Please aim for the gate opening time so as to minimise the risk of this happening. It is important that if on a rare occasion you miss the gate, you phone the office and arrange a time to drop your child off at the office. They will do their very best to accommodate and agree a time that suits you.


As we all know, good ventilation is really important at protecting us from the virus. This does mean that moving forward school will be colder than it normally would be. Please make sure your child has warm layers so they are comfortable in class, as well as coats and footwear appropriate to the weather conditions. We will be going out to play whenever possible and this will include light rain.


It is proving incredibly difficult to socially distance at the gates in both the morning and afternoon. As the infection rates rise and more cases are being reported, we are now asking all adults that come to the gate to wear a mask, unless of course they are medically exempt.

Please note, staff may not be wearing masks, as they will need to communicate clearly with children and families to ensure safety.

Potential closures

In the event of a positive case being reported to the school, we may well need to contact families in the evening or over a weekend. This will be sent via a ParentPay email home to the first contact of each affected student, informing the family that their class will be closed.  In order to support our contingency plans, we need all parents/carers to ensure that they have signed up to ParentPay and that their contact details are up to date. Simply call the school office on: 020 8691 0611 or email us at:

Thank you to all families who have provided us with information about how you access the internet. This will be particularly important should we have a closure. If you have not received a form yet, one will be coming home soon.

Walking to School

Next week is Walk to School week and the beginning of Walk to School Month. This will be the focus of our virtual assembly on Monday. Please support us by leaving your car at home (the traffic is dreadful right now!) or if you really have to use the car, park further away from school and walk the last few streets. This is particularly important in keep all of our children safe on Upper Brockley Rd – please, if you are dropping off or collecting a child from Myatt Garden, park on a road away from the school and walk the last bit. This will really help keep everyone safe.

We know that walking to school is one of the best ways to start the day. But getting to school on foot isn’t always as easy as it should be. Whether you are exploring how walking to school can work for you, or want to campaign for better routes, please click on the following link for a Family Walk to School Kit:

Following our successful closing of both Upper Brockley Rd and Rokeby Rd in the summer of 2019, we put ourselves forward for a more permanent road closure under the School Street programme. Schools have been prioritised using a number of criteria and we were recently informed that we had been given the go ahead for Rokeby Rd to move to the final consultation stage for a closure for an hour each morning and afternoon. As a result of the changes we have had to make, we have asked for Upper Brockley Rd to be considered as our priority. We have been told that this is a much more difficult closure, but will now be considered by the engineers. I will keep you posted as I hear more.

Support for families

We have been through extraordinary times and no two families experiences have been the same. We have been notified this week of some new support for our school community’s emotional health and wellbeing.  Details about the services being offered to parents can be downloaded below.

Virtual Coffee Mornings – every Thursday at 10.00

This is a safe space for you to:

• Hear about the new service and connect with others;

• Share and/or listen to experiences;

• Think about challenges during this time;

• Discuss ideas

They are also offering some return to school support for parents. This is 1.5 hrs each week, over 5 weeks to focus on how you can build your confidence in helping your child(ren) deal with their worries.  If this is something you may be interested in, please contact Orlaine our Pastoral Support and Learning Mentor on: 020 8691 0611 or at:

Covid-19 Community Champions

Lewisham is looking to recruit COVID-19 Community Champions to help share up to date messages.

In this new role, individuals will work closely with the Council and the Public Health Team to help share messages out in the borough. We know this is the best way to bring about positive change in people’s attitudes and behaviours towards COVID-19.

COVID-19 Community Champions will remind residents how to keep safe, answer questions, offer advice to local businesses on how to trade safely and support the safe use of our parks and open spaces. You can sign up with the link below:

Lost glasses

We have two pairs of children’s glasses at the school office. Please give us a call if your child has misplaced theirs – we may have them!!

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