Information for Parents: 21.7.20


We are looking forward to having all the children back in September and will be working hard over the holidays to ensure that we are all ready. We will be sending you more information about dates, times and places for staggered drop off and pick up before term starts.

Year 6 Leaver’s

On Friday we held our first ever virtual Leaver’s assembly and hopefully our last!! It was a lovely event with Year 6 children and families sharing memories, wise words and special performances. We are always sad to see our Year 6 children leave, but it was made especially hard this year, not being able to give them a hug as we sent them on their way.  We look forward to seeing you back, to collect your hugs and to hear all about your new schools when you’re able to return.

Year 6 remember you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing! You are good enough!

Reading over the summer

Please encourage your children to keep reading over the summer. This is such an important skill and if nothing else, the area of learning to focus on before returning to school! Please see document below for some helpful hints or use the library services online reading challenge to stimulate your child’s interest: 10 tips for encouraging reading at home

More information can be found at:

Reports and next year

I hope you have all received and enjoyed your child’s report in the post – please let us know if you have not received yours and we will check your address and resend. It is important to remember that all reports were written to reflect where children were in terms of their learning in March when we went into lock-down.

We know that all children’s experiences during this time has been different; for some they will have made great progress from March and others will have struggled to do their learning at home. Whilst the children’s reports will provide us with useful information, we have clear plans for the start of the new year that will ensure that school is a safe and fun place to be.

All classes will be using our bespoke Recovery Curriculum. This will include :-

Pre-teaching: All families will be given information about what school will be like before their children return so they can prepare their children for the changes.

New routines: When children return, we will spend time taking children through the routines in a way that is clear, but not scary. There will be activities in the recovery curriculum documents to help children understand why the new routines are necessary e.g. the e-bug lessons, how far a sneeze travels etc… We want children to know that we have made school as safe as possible and to gain assurance from this.

Time to talk about/reflect on their experiences and to look forward: We want children to be able to tell us about their experiences and to actively listen to them. We will be using a number of stories/art ideas in the recovery curriculum to stimulate discussion. This will include the book ‘Here We Are’ which will be used across the whole school for the first two weeks of term.

Time to be together: Children have been away from each other for a long time and need to reconnect (with each other and with staff). Whilst we will be socially distancing as much as possible in class, it will be important to establish communal experiences e.g. shared story time, singing, sport, shared writing, shared phonic lessons etc.

Time to learn: We will gently assess where all of the children are with their learning, using our observations of how they tackle work in class.  Please note, we will not be testing the children to gain this information. Once we have this information, we will be differentiating all of our learning to provide support and challenge across the year group.

The most important thing for us, is that school is happy, calm, consistent and safe.>

Returning to school in September 

Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd September will both be INSET days when we return to school.  Children will return to school on Friday 4th September.  

I would like to finish by thanking all of you for your support over this time. It has not been an easy time for any of us, but we are strong as a community and have got through it together. Please remember that if you need support over the holiday period, you can contact us at: or

Have a great summer and we will look forward to seeing you all back at Myatt Garden in September.





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