Information for Parents: 25.9.20

We are all very aware of the increasing number of new Covid-19 cases and the need for us all to remain vigilant. 

We all want our school to stay open and so far, we have been able to keep all classes open at Myatt Garden. We are going to great lengths at school to keep everyone safe, but we need everyone who is part of our school community to work with us. This is particularly difficult when many children have very mild or no symptoms. Many children that have tested positive (not at our school!) have merely reported feeling a little unwell! We must therefore all follow the guidance and act as if others might be positive.

Some things you can do to help:

• A local primary school has had a number of confirmed cases following a play date. Please follow the new rules and do your bit to keep us all safe. This will mean limiting play dates, birthday parties and meet ups in the park outside of school time, as social gatherings of more than six people have been banned in an attempt to curb the rise in coronavirus cases.

• Provide your child with an additional layer of clothing e.g. jumper, fleece. We are having to keep windows and doors open to ensure good ventilation and therefore classrooms are not as warm as they would normally be. 

• If children are walking home alone, please discuss with them how they stay safe – walking with 1 or 2 children from their bubble and keeping a distance from others.

• Make sure we have your current contact details. It is really important that we can get in touch with you if your child becomes unwell.

Free School Meals (FSM)
Please make sure you have applied for Free School Meals if you think you might be entitled. This means that as well as a free school dinner, at Myatt Garden you would get a food hamper each week if the school had to close your child’s class/bubble, alongside free breakfast club if you choose to use it, free trips and clubs (this does not include our After School club) once they restart.

Part of our school’s funding for each year is calculated on our number of FSM children on Thursday next week. If you think you may qualify, please claim asap. Your child can get free school meals if your combined annual household income is below £16,190 (as assessed by HMRC) and you get one of the following benefits:

• income-based: income support or jobseeker’s allowance (not eligible if on contribution based jobseeker’s allowance);
• income-related: employment support allowance (not eligible if on contribution based employment support allowance);
• universal credit;
• income support;
• the guaranteed element of state pension credit;
• support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999;
• child tax credit only.

More information is available at:

Breakfast and After-School club
Both our breakfast and after-school club have got off to a great start this week. If you would like to send your child to either of these, please email us at: or call on 0208 691 0611.

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