Information for Parents: Donations to School

Last week in my weekly email to families, I shared our thoughts on gifts at the end of the year for staff. Whilst it is lovely to feel appreciated, we are keen to move away from gifts for staff; there really is no need! We would like to encourage anyone who feels they really would like to mark the end of the school year to do so in one of two ways:

  1. By making a donation to the Community Fund that we can use to support families that are struggling at this difficult time. You can donate by making a payment to: Myatt Garden School; Account number 46007393; sort code 601616. Please use ‘community fund’ as the reference.


  1. In light of recent events, help us extend the range, number and quality of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic books at Myatt Garden 

Like everyone, we have been reflecting on recent events and the Black Lives Matter movement. There is lots of work to do! We want to use this opportunity to ensure all young readers have a good range of books to choose from where they are able to see themselves represented in the stories and we are delighted that parents and carers at Myatt Garden have identified this too! We are really grateful to be able to choose exciting, diverse books to share with the children and it is such a positive way for the school community to come together at this time.

Onjali Raúf, winner of the Waterstone’s Children’s book prize for her story of a refugee, The Boy at the Back of the Class, says. “It is absolutely essential for all children of all backgrounds to be introduced to the many beautiful, hitherto hidden worlds which make up their own.” The Boy at the Back of the Class is just one of the books on Myatt Garden’s Wish lists.

We have attached some lists as a starting point for each age group. These books have been selected by staff to ensure a variety of stories that we feel will captivate our children from Nursery to Year 6. See list here: EYFS List and here: Diversity Books

A number of parents have already shown interest in supporting this. If you or your family would like to support us increase our B.A.M.E book stock by purchasing books, you can contact Moon Lane Books, a local not-for-profit shop that we work with, that is dedicated to raising the equality in children’s book. A 10% discount has been applied to all books.

For donations to a fund to buy more books please make a deposit to:

The Co-operative Bank

Account Friends of Myatt Garden R/C 1106997

Sort Code: 089299

Account Number: 65145874 00

Then please email: include:

  1. Your name and child’s year group
  2. The amount deposited


Individual donations contact Moon Lane Books directly:


Moon Lane Books

300 Stanstead Road


SE23 1DE

Tel: 0203 489 7030    Website:Moon Lane Books

  1. Pay over the phone
  2. Email the shop to pay by Paypal – you will be emailed a Paypal link
  3. Parents can visit the shop and pay

If you would prefer to purchase your books separately, we would be very happy to add this to our library.



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