Information for Parents: Update

Good news – the new procedures that we have put in place are working well and the children are getting used to our new rules and routines. Thank you for all of your support in sticking to the new guidance.

However, as you will all have read/heard in the media today, infection rates are increasing and government guidelines are changing. We do not feel that we need to change any of our procedures in school, but would ask that all families follow the guidance strictly outside of school and at the school gate. PLEASE stay 2 metres apart from other families – we should all act as if other people may be asymptomatic and keep our distance. We desperately want to keep school open and to do this we need everyone in our school community to do their part.

A few reminders that will help us all support the school:

Arriving and leaving school
– Please note each year group has been allocated a 10 minute slot for arriving at school. This is designed to ease congestion at the gate and it has really helped that families are staggering their arrival within these 10 mins, rather than all aiming to arrive at the opening time. Children will not be marked late if they arrive any time within this time slot;
– Please maintain social distancing at the gate;
– There is a list at each gate that lists the order and times of classes exiting at the end of the day. Please line up in a socially distanced way at the side of the gate ONLY if your child’s class is being dismissed. Please do not gather in a group in front of the gate;
– If you have arrived earlier than your time slot, please wait on the other side of the road;
– As soon as you have collected your child, please move away from the gate and do not gather to chat;
– If you arrive late (we will be shutting gates promptly), you must now phone the school office to arrange a time to drop your child off.

– Some of our KS2 children are now having a later lunch. Please send them with a piece of fruit if you would like them to have a snack during break-time;
– A reminder that children now need to be either school dinners or packed lunch and cannot change between the two options.

What do the children need
– All children need a named water bottle as there are no water fountains in operation. These bottles will be rinsed daily, but will be sent home each Friday for a thorough clean;
– Any child wearing a mask to school, must bring in a small re-sealable plastic bag to store it in during the day;
– Children should not bring a school bag, jewellery or a pencil case into school;
– Children should bring their book bag into school ONLY on their allocated book bag day;
– Children should wear their PE kit to school on the days they are doing PE. All KS2 classes have two PE lessons each week.

Monday: Year 4 & Year 3
Tuesday: Year 5 & Year 4
Wednesday: Year 6, Year 2 & Year 5
Thursday: Year 1 & Year 3
Friday: Year 6

Please make sure your child has everything they need when they arrive at school. We are limiting visits to classrooms and therefore want to avoid items being dropped off at the office to be delivered to class.

Thank you for your continued support.

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