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Hi Everyone,

I hope that you’ve all been able to get cracking with your summer term home learning!

I know your teachers are going to be calling you at some point this week and many of you will already have been able to talk to your teacher and share some of the things you have been doing in your time at home. I know that your teachers have enjoyed chatting with you – they miss you all! We have listened to what you have been telling us and will use that to help us plan for next week. If your teacher has not called you yet, they will be doing so this week.  We are all looking forward to seeing some of the amazing things you have been doing. We would like everyone to be choosing one or two pieces of their favourite work that we can display when you return to school. This could be art, a story, a photo of your cooking or gardening, a model you have made or some great maths or science – whatever you are proud of and want us to see! Keep it safe at home and bring it in when we return.

I hope you have watched Sertac’s wonderful music video this week – there will be another one tomorrow! Every week you will have a new challenge from Sam on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a music lesson from Sertac on Tuesday and Thursday. We hope this will help you feel connected to school even though we are not all physically together in our school building.

Thank you to those of you that have sent in contributions for the Myatt magazine, they’ve been very entertaining! So far we’ve had a hamster update, a pyramid project, theatre workshop report, some Easter crafts and a quiz!

Please keep your ideas coming and send them to us at:

Finally a few new resources that you may want to try:

The National Farmers Union and a host of celebrities such as Jimmy Doherty, Charlie Baker and Hannah Jackson, have teamed up to create a hub of home learning activities and videos linked to food, farming and the great outdoors at Each week we will be choosing a different theme and releasing new resources to keep children busy during Lockdown.

Among other things, they share how children can grow their own ‘popcorn plants’ with celebrity botanist, James Wong; design and build a plant propagator from recycled materials; learn about the parts of a plant and sow their own vegetable seeds.    The BBC have also launched a whole host of new daily lessons that you might enjoy. You can find out more at

Oak National Academy have also launched its online classroom offering over 180 lessons a week – I don’t expect you to do them all, but it does mean that you should find something you’ll enjoy!    Check it out at





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