Information Update: 22.5.20

As we enter the half term break, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our amazing school community for working together at this most difficult and uncertain of times. The staff at Myatt Garden have been on a huge learning curve and have worked tirelessly to produce quality tasks to engage your children at home, while keeping school open for the children of Key Workers and vulnerable children.

Equally, you have worked hard overcome a whole range of obstacles, such as working from home, establishing new routines, sharing laptops, collecting learning packs from school, refreshing your brain about fractions…. You have kept Myatt children learning! This learning will look different for every family, but we recognise that you have all, in very difficult circumstances, given it your best! Thank you!

Thank you to all who completed our questionnaire asking for your views about opening school to more children, following the Government’s announcements. We have been working hard to absorb all of the information from the Government, Lewisham Council, the unions and health and education leaders to consider how we approach things at Myatt. Please be assured that we are taking a very careful and measured approach and that we understand how difficult this is for everyone. The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in our community is our first priority and we are completely supportive of your decisions as parents and carers about what is best for your family and when you are ready to send your children back to school.

This week, Lewisham Council’s Cabinet Lead for School Performance and Children’s Services, Chris Barnham, issued an open letter to school leaders in which he set out the expectation that ‘any decision to increase numbers in school and the timing of a phased return of year groups will be taken by individual schools, based on careful planning and risk assessment in the context of their school’. You can find out more on Lewisham Council’s website.

Nothing is certain, but we wanted to share more information about how we are approaching things at Myatt and how we might open school to more children. This will only happen if the Government’s Five Tests are met and, subject to our own careful risk assessment.

We are clear that we will not be in a position to introduce more children from the identified year groups back into school in the week beginning June 1st. Monday June 8th will mark the earliest possible date that we will open to more children.

The Government have asked schools to prioritise the return of younger children. We have decided that when the conditions are right, we will introduce Year 1 children first, to allow them to learn the new social distancing rules. Once we are confident that our systems are working, we will start to introduce Reception and finally Year 6.

We do not anticipate any other year groups rejoining us before the summer holidays. We will be working closely with families to support the return of their children to school; we are very aware that school will be very different and we need to prepare children for this – they will not necessarily be returning to their own classroom or be with their class teacher. At present we are anticipating that our classes will run from Monday to Thursday, providing Friday as a day for teachers to prepare both class and home learning as well as an opportunity to give classrooms a thorough clean.

No children will be able to attend school until arrangements have been made directly with the school. We will be making contact with Year 1 families after half term, when we know more, in order to discuss next steps. In the meantime, children of critical workers and those identified as vulnerable will continue to come in to school. If you are a critical worker and need your child to be in school, please contact us at:

We understand that this is a lot of information to absorb and you will have many questions. We will remain open and transparent during this process and this will be the first of a number of communications over the next few weeks as we share arrangements in this ever-changing landscape.

It only remains to thank you once again for your support and to hope that you are able to enjoy the half term break.


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