Information Update: 5.6.20

Returning to School
The government have said that it is now safe for schools to start to bring more children back to school. They have said that we should start with Year 1, Reception and nursery and then Year 6. We have been talking to Year 1 and nursery parents about a return to school on Monday 15th June and we are hoping that Reception and Year 6 can return from Monday 22nd June. We are very much looking forward to having them back into school.

We would like to have everyone back, but that just doesn’t seem possible right now. We do not expect any of the other year groups to return to school before the summer holidays, but hope that we will back to something more like normal in September when the new term starts. We are going to be very busy at Myatt making sure we have good plans in place to support your return after a long time away

Brockley Adventure Hunt
Thank you to Millie and Bea who have shared their fantastic family ‘Brockley Adventure Hunt’ see here: Brockley Adventure Hunt  They devised a local adventure hunt which a few other families have tried and it’s been a real success! It may be something that you and your family might enjoy.

Events in America
Many of you will have heard about and maybe watched the news features about the shocking death of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman, which took place in America last week. Many of you will have seen pictures of people protesting against this racist killing and the #BlackLivesMatter campaign that has shone a light again on racism, injustice and prejudice in our world. You may be feeling shocked, scared, angry and upset. We want to let you know that we are all feeling this way here at Myatt Garden and that our strong reactions to such awful things are very normal and show how much we all care about ending racism and making things better.

We know that really positive things can happen in response to really awful things – people around the world are coming together to share their feelings and to call for changes so that this can never happen again. They believe, as we do at Myatt Garden that racism is wrong and that we need to stand up together against it. They believe, as we do, in fairness, respecting one another and celebrating the wonderful diversity in our world, in our school community, our local communities and everywhere. Our school community here at Myatt is united in love and respect for one another and we will always stand together.

Please talk about things. We want to encourage you to acknowledge your feelings and to talk about them and to share your thoughts about how we can all fight racism wherever we find it. All of us need to do this so that we can follow through our commitment to being anti-racist and to remembering and honouring George Floyd and all those who have been killed because of racism.

Some top tips for talking together:

1. Talk about what you have seen or heard in your experience and in the news.
2. Encourage, listen and acknowledge observations, questions and comments – do not ignore, dismiss or sidestep them but be curious
3. Acknowledge that racism is real and that ideas about race matter, even though ‘race’ does not
4. Be clear that it is wrong to treat someone differently or unfairly or to reject them because of their identity but acknowledge that this happens
5. Encourage rounded views of others – people are rarely all good or all bad and we can always find both similarities and differences between people
6. Use books to start conversations and find out about diversity and social justice issues. There are lots of ideas here and here
7. Balance acknowledging the reality of racism with messages about hope for change, the availability of help, and the value of activism.

Our history is full of people who stood up and fought against injustice – lots of you will already have learnt about many of them at school. We can all lead by example, and we want you to know that we value and respect all of you, that we celebrate everyone and that we will fight racism, prejudice and discrimination wherever we find it, and work hard together to create a fairer, more equal, just society.

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