Making Myatt Garden Safer and Cleaner


Pupils have created a bold and colourful collection of artworks to encourage drivers to stop idling around the school. A montage of all the children’s art has been turned into banners by local Brockley estate agent Conran, forming part of its on-going support of art enrichment projects at Myatt Garden.

The banners have been placed in three key locations around the perimeter of the school and states: NO IDLING – SWITCH OFF!   

You can view the banner here: No Idling Banner

It’s all part of our campaign to remind drivers to care about clean air, and to cut air-pollution by turning off their engines close to their school gates.

We’re asking ALL drivers to:

  • Not to leave engines running when you stop outside the school
  • Park further from the school

COME ON EVERYBODY, this is about our children’s lungs  –  we can make a difference!





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