Your child’s journey through Year 4


Remote Learning 2021

From Tuesday 5th January 2021, your child will need to have access to our remote-learning platform. To access it, please follow the steps sent to your year group via ParentPay.

If you already have access to Seesaw, you do not need to do anything, just log into your account.

Details regarding Seesaw can be found here: Seesaw Getting Started

If you have any issues, please get in contact by emailing your child’s year group at:



Autumn Term Home Learning

We understand that there may be times where you need to isolate at home.  In order to help you keep learning, we have created a home-learning plan for the Autumn term.

Our Learning Letter can be found here: Year 4 Autumn Term Home Learning Letter

Maths Home Learning

1 Order-numbers

(video link:

2 Round-to-the-nearest-1000

(video link:

3 Negative-numbers

(video link:

4 Add and Subtract 1s-10s-100s-1000s

(video link:

5 Add and Subtract two-4-digit-numbers-no-exchange

(video link:

6 Add and Subtract add-two-3-digit-numbers-crossing-10-or-100

(video link:

7 Add and Subtract add-two-4-digit-numbers-one-exchange

(video link:

8 Add and Subtract add-two-4-digit-numbers-more-than-one-exchange

(video link:

9 Add and Subtract subtract-two-4-digit-numbers-no-exchange

(video link:

10 Add and Subtract -two-4-digit-numbers-more-than-one-exchange

(video link:


Knowledge Organiser

The knowledge organiser is a set of key facts that we hope your child will learn and be able to remember.  Please see details for this term’s science topic here: Year 4 – Autumn Knowledge Organiser


Autumn Term 2020

Our topic this term is Long, Long Ago. Wherever possible we will be taking a cross curricular approach to our learning and making it an active, hands-on experience for the children. We will learn about pre-history, from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age; this will link directly with our Geography, Art and some of our literacy learning.

Please see our curriculum document here: Year 4 – Autumn Curriculum 2020


Spring Term 2020

Our new topic this term is Water, Water Everywhere and we are really excited about the learning we have planned. We will begin with an in depth look at the ‘unsinkable’ ship; Titanic. The children have already shown a great level of interest in the subject which is great to see. Our learning will be cross curricular, combining literacy, history and ICT.  In Maths this term we will be focussing on multiplying and dividing 4 digit numbers before moving onto measuring with a focus on area and perimeter. We would also like to stress the importance of your child continuing to practise their 12 times tables.

Please see our Spring curriculum document here: Year 4 – Spring Curriculum 2020