Your child’s journey through Year 6


Spring Term Home Learning

We understand that there may be times where you need to isolate at home.  In order to help you keep learning, we have created a home-learning plan for the Summer term.

Our learning letter can be found here: Year 6 Spring Term: Home Learning Plan


Maths Home Learning

This term’s learning is on statistics. To support this learning at home, we have attached White Rose activity sheets and the associated video.  Listen and watch the video before you complete the activity.  There’s no need for a printer, you can copy out the questions onto a sheet of paper.


Understand Thousandths
Three decimal places
Multiply by 10,100, and 1000
Divide by 10,100, and 1000
Multiply decimals by integers
Divide decimals by integers
Division to solve problems
Decimals as fractions
Fractions to decimals (1)
Fractions to decimals (2)



Understand percentages
Fractions to percentages
Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
Order Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
Percentage of an amount (1)
Percentage of an amount (2)
Percentages missing values

 For further activities, have a look at the home-learning plan.