After School Club 

The After School Club is managed by the school.  The cost for Afterschool Club is £11.00 per day or £50.00 per week.    Children are sent to the Club in the main hall by their class teacher at the end of the school day, or collected from class depending on their age. If you would like to use this service or require further information, please email: 

If your child attends afterschool club and you need to contact a member of the afterschool team, please call: 07742 967605 after 4pm.


Extra Curricular Activities

Due to the COVID restrictions we will not be running extra curricular activities until further notice.

At Myatt Garden, we have a range of after school clubs to suit all learners, from football to board games. Details relating to afterschool clubs  will be advised at a later date. 


Club Registration

Details of each club available and costs are sent out via ParentPay at the end of the previous term. Confirmation of the clubs and the date of the registration day will be sent to you in advance via ParentPay.

Parents will be informed when the registration booking system is available and all club bookings can be made on-line.   You will be able to register your interest for a club by ticking the consent box.  Club registration is run on a first-come, first-serve basis and your child will have the opportunity to book onto one club only.  All fees must be paid in full to secure a place on a club.   The majority of clubs run for 10 weeks at a cost of £2.50 per week. A payment of £25 for the term must be made  via ParentPay once you receive your confirmation email.  Please note that if your child is entitled to Pupil Premium, your fee will be covered by the funding we receive.

Children who do not manage to obtain a place in a particular club, can put their name on that club’s waiting list. Please note, however, that the waiting list is only valid for the term their name is added, it does not mean that they are automatically enrolled on to the club the following term.


Early Morning Fitness Clubs

Due to the COVID restrictions we will not be running early morning fitness clubs until further notice.

In an attempt to get as many children participating in physical exercise as possible we have organised Early Morning Fitness clubs. These clubs will change each term.