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What does a day at Myatt Garden look like?

As children grow and mature they are ready to learn in different ways. Therefore, as they move through the school the pattern of the school day and how we support their learning changes.

Nursery: The morning session is from 9.15 to 12.15. Children entitled to 30 hours will attend from 9.15am to 3.15pm.

At the start of the session children arrive in their own classroom and self register. They are then free to engage in play based activities across both nursery classes for the first half an hour. The garden is then opened (no matter the season or the weather!) and children can move between indoors and outdoors and both nursery classes as they choose. We have 6 nursery staff, at any one time 1 member of staff will be leading an activity in each classroom and another will be leading an outdoor activity. The remaining adults will be supporting children to get the most out of self chosen activities that have been carefully planned to around children’s developmental needs and interests. Half an hour before the end of a session, nursery staff use a tambourine to signal tidy up times. Children return to their own classes for tidy up time which is followed by more structured class and group times including story times, simple maths and a weekly music session with a pianist.

In the Early Years our focus is on using the children’s interests to develop their understanding and ensuring that they have a wide range of opportunities to learn through play.

In the first term in Key Stage 1, we build on these experiences, introducing traditional subjects such as numeracy, science and history through a range of table based activities which children can select. In the Spring term, this builds towards the more standard Key Stage 1 day (see below).

In Key Stage 2 our days continue to follow this more standard format, with literacy and numeracy lessons in the morning and a topic based curriculum approach which incorporates all areas of learning in the afternoons.

You can download the Lunch Menu: Chartwell Menu – AW 2021

Reception Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6)
9.15am Greet and play9.45am Phonics 

10.10am Outside learning

11.10am Literacy

12.00pm Lunch

1.25pm Maths time

1.45pm Free flow play

3.00pm Story time

3.25pm Home time



9.15am Register and phonics9.40am Literacy 

10.40am Assembly

11am Play

11.25am Numeracy

12.15pm Lunch

1.25pm Topic based learning

2.45pm Play

3.00pm Story time

3.25pm Home time

9am Guided reading9.30am Numeracy 

10.30am Play

11am Literacy

12pm Assembly

12.25pm Lunch

1.25pm Science, geography, history, PE, etc.

3.10pm Story time

3.25pm Home time


Please note school finishes promptly at 3.25pm for all classes

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