Welcome to Myatt Garden

Education is our passion. We believe there is nothing the children or adults in our community cannot achieve. Education is all about creating and making connections. Our rich curriculum inspires the curiosity needed to embrace new experiences with the emphasis on enjoyment of learning. We focus on the skills pupils are learning, rather than the subject.

Key to our approach is our belief that we must help our children to be ‘expert learners’. Every child has success within them and our aim is to provide a stimulating environment where children can achieve their own success. They need to learn how to learn. Expert learners are self-aware, have faith in their ability to learn new skills and judge how their new skills will be needed. They know that learning is for life.

Ofsted inspectors have commented that the ethos of Myatt Garden is very positive and instills a sense of ‘can do’ in pupils and staff. They highlighted the significant part played by the rich curriculum that we offer and the way in which it encourages pupils to think for themselves and develops a real enthusiasm for learning.

To see what we want for the children in our care, we encourage you to visit us. Come to Myatt Garden and see for yourself what makes us so proud to be part of this school. The staff and the children look forward to seeing you.

Sally Williams
Head Teacher