Who are we?

 We are all volunteers who are passionate about Myatt Garden and the important role of schools in society.

We want to make a positive contribution to our communities and help Myatt Garden School provide the best possible education for all children.

 We believe in the power of partnership with parents, teachers and governors to transform children’s lives.

 There are several types of governor: parent, community, local authority, staff.

 What do we do?

Governors work as a team (the Governing Body) in partnership with the Head Teacher to promote continuous improvement in the school’s performance.

 We are responsible and accountable for major decisions about the school and its future such as:

  • setting the school’s values, vision and strategic aims;
  • monitoring and evaluating performance;
  • setting budgets;
  • ensuring that the school is accountable to children, parents, staff and the wider community.

When do we meet?

The full governing body meets twice every term. We also have three committees: Strategy; Resources and Standards, which meet twice a term in the evenings. Some governors have additional responsibilities for particular areas of school business such as child protection, looked after children and health and safety.

Dates of our meetings are always advertised in the fortnightly school newsletter 

Minutes of the Governing Body Meetings can be requested by emailing: with details of your request.


How can I find out more about being a governor?

General information about the background and roles and responsibilities of schools governors is available on the Department for Education website. You can ask at reception or visit: for more information about becoming a governor.

If you want to speak to us, look out for information about our half termly visits to talk to parents and carers in the school newsletter. You can also contact the Chair of Governors by emailing:


 Governors’ Register of Interests

Name of Governor Category of Governor Date of Appointment Term Length Committee
Ms Patricia Durr Chair of Governors Co-opted 01/10/17 4 years Standards Resources Strategy
 Ms Sally Williams  Headteacher  01/01/14   Resources Strategy
Mrs Sara Hopkins Vice- Chair Co-opted 13/07/18 4 years Chair of Resources / Strategy
Ms Catrin Gruffydd-Jones Vice-Chair Co-opted 01/10/17 4 years Chair of Standards Strategy
Julie Wood Co-opted 13/07/18 4 years Resources
Jude Kerr Co-opted 13/07/18 4 years Standards
Mr Mark Gregory- White Co-opted 20/11/19 4 years Resources
Ms Orlaine McDonald Staff 01/06/17 4 Years Standards
Ms Dhara Vyas Parent Governor 08/05/2018 4 years Resources
Ms Maureen Boyle Co-opted 11/11/15 4 years Standards
Mr Adrian Walcott Associate Member 01/10/17 4 years Standards
Ms Raj Blanchard LA Governor 06/12/2017 4 years Standards
Ms Isabella Warnke Parent Governor 08/05/2018 4 years Standards


For more information of Governors’ Register of Interests, please see here: Governor Register of Interest 2019-20


(Reconstituted 25/9/13 – 12 governor places)

Headteacher: 1
Staff: 1
Appointed by the London Borough of Lewisham: 1
Elected parents of pupils attending the school: 2
Co-opted: 7
Chair of the Governing Body: Ms Patricia Durr
Vice-Chairs: Ms Catrin Gruffydd JonesMs Sara Hopkins




Standards Committee: Chair – Ms Catrin Gruffydd Jones
Resources Committee: Chair – Ms Sara Hopkins
Strategy Committee: Chair – Ms Patricia Durr
Pupil Discipline Committee / Staff Discipline, Grievance and Dismissal Committee / Staff Discipline, Grievance and Dismissal Appeal Committee / Complaints Committee / Pay Appeals Committee Membership to comprise any three members of the Governing Body having regard to availability, personal knowledge or involvement in a case, and any advice from Lewisham Personnel regarding the appropriate make up of a committee.
Clerk to the Governing Body:  Ms Emma Brooker, Governors’ Services, 3rd Floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London SE6 4RU


Governors’ Details  

(for each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months)


  Category Appointment date Term End date 20/11/18 22/5/19 12/7/19 %
Patricia Durr Chair Co-opted 01/10/17 4 years   100%
Helena Burke Associate Member 08/05/18 1 year 20/11/18 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Julie Wood Co-opted 06/10/14 4 years   100%
Sally Williams Headteacher 01/10/14 4 years   100%
Adrian Walcott Associate Member 01/10/17 4 years   A 66.6%
Sara Hopkins Co-opted 06/10/14 4 years   100%
Judith KerrDep. Headteacher Co-opted 13/07/18 4 years   100%
Orlaine McDonald Staff 01/06/17 4 years   100%
Mark Gregory White Co-opted 11/11/15 4 years   A 66.6%
Maureen Boyle Co-opted 11/11/15 4 years   A A 33.3%
Catrin Gruffydd Jones (Vice Chair) Co-opted 21/11/17 4 years   100%
Raj Blanchard LA 6/12/17 4 years   A A A 0%
Dhara Vyas Parent 08/05/18 4 years   100%
Isabella Warnke Parent 08/05/18 4 years   A 66.6%


  11/10/18 6/12/18 13/02/19 30/04/19 4/07/19 %
Helena Burke (AM) A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sally Williams (until 7/12/18) N/A N/A N/A 100%
Adrian Walcott (AM) A x 60%
Orlaine McDonald 100%
Maureen Boyle A A 60%
Patricia Durr A A 60%
Catrin Gruffydd Jones (Chair) 100%
Raj Blanchard A A 60%
Isabella Warnke 100%
Jude Kerr 100%


  30/10/18 12/12/18 22/1/19 27/3/19 24/4/19 25/6/19 %
Julie Wood 100%
Sara Hopkins Chair A* 83%
Mark Gregory-White 100%
Sally Williams (Head) 100%
Patricia Durr A 83%
Mo Henwood (Adviser) 100%
Dhara Vyas A 83%


  25/09/18 02/04/19 11/06/19 %
Ms Patricia Durr 100%
Ms Julie Wood N/A N/A 100%
Ms Catrin Gruffydd Jones 100%
Ms Sally Williams 100%
Ms Jude Kerr 100%
Ms Mo Henwood (Adviser) N/A 100%
Ms Sara Hopkins N/A 100%



*A = Apologies

*N/A applies if the Governor has not yet been appointed or term of office expired